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I've always been about "the message". Big on lyrics. Mostly wanted to know what was being said through, or inspite of, what was being said. Wanted to hear "the heart, the soul" of what was going on in words and music. In life, in so many ways, tended to always be the one with the "big" questions. Wanted to see the "big picture". So, though I knew "embodying" this could be a tall order, I had no doubt I always wanted to be a clear "channel" for any Light and Love that "wanted" to come beaming through!
* * * * * * * * * * *
Since 2001, when I began to feel a "call" to write...mostly poetry...I had been a somewhat tentative "spoken word" poet. But, in 2007, when I began to be awakened at nights to write surprisingly "spirited" poetic lines, I was certainly delighted, and a very willing participant. This continued with the poetry for the greater part of a year, then evolved into a resurrection of long-dormant music-making impulses that then began to blend with the poetic ones. It all kept "coming through" with a depth that was compelling.
* * * * * * * * * * *
And, ever since then, I have felt a very compelling "call" to "take it on the road". I was given a vision of doing so...that I could tell was very profound and "soul deep". I knew it was one I needed to follow. So, in hopes of doing so, for the greater part of a year beginning in 2009, I began to travel. Although I did have some very meaningful "share times" with some groups here and there, it mostly was what my soul needed most at that time--several deeply meaningful and life-changing "Vision Quests" of envisioning and empowerment to prepare for the work that I would be doing.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Since then, I went "back home" (Dallas, TX) to focus on more preparation and publishing for the next 2 1/2 years. While interspersed with some smaller-scale "vision quests" to continue discovering my deeper aspects of my purpose and "calling", during my stay there, I managed to compile and publish a total of SEVEN volumes of "Poetic Bliss" [over 600 pgs.]
* * * * * * * * * * *
Recently, after moving to NJ and NYC area for six months, I was able to finish up on a long-awaited (for 5 years)album and also complete another one that should be released in June 2013. I have now moved to OR where I feel I will be preparing to make this my "home-base"...and prepare for traveling again. This time on a much bigger scale, and with an even more balanced, deeper sense of what I'm about. I'm "open" to all kinds of possibilities. I feel that much of what I do will include poetic performance blended with music concerts, speaking, acting, playful workshops, and more. I've had a strong sense that I would be part of a "group" or a network of musicians, poets, actors and other artists...(and likely other "healers" who match my own passionate calling, and direction I've been given, to do "sound healing" work). Most of all, we would focus on just "being the Light", the Love, the peace, the Joy...and "beam" it in all we do. Not so much about what we say (though that's so important), I feel that it's mostly about "being" the Light/the Love. That, somehow, by our very presence, lives would be changed, spirits uplifted, souls soothed, and hearts warmed and renewed. My prayer is everything I do...this would be so evident...and many would somehow be blessed and enriched by "This Little Light of Mine"!
* * * * * * * * * *

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Singer-Songwriter Musician, Writer & Performer of Spoken Word "Poetic Bliss"