Reviewed Artist Quick Links

Anji Kat (That's Who I Am) by Sue Riley
Anji Kat (Undone) by Richard Mekdeci
Bob Sima (Thin Little Veil) by Levi Hammock
Chelley Seibert (Brave Enough) by Melinda Wood Allen
CK Brown (Believe) by Sue Riley
Claudia Carawan (FEARLESS) by Richard Mekdeci
Claudia Carawan (Joy Rising) by Sue K Riley
Daniel Nahmod (Cornerstone) by Sue Riley
Daniel Nahmod (Mellow Time 2) by Sue Riley
Daniel Nahmod (Time for Fire) by Sue K Riley
Daniel Nahmod (Sacred Love Vol 2) by Sue K Riley
David Roth (Will You Come Home) by Sue K Riley
David Roth (So Far So Good) by Richard Mekdeci
Denise Rosier (One Heart) by Sue K. Riley
Earth Mama (Joyce Rouse) (Pay Attention) by Sue K Riley
emPower M&A (The 7th Annual emPower Posi Award Nominees Compilation) by Sue Riley
Faith Rivera (Raise Me Up) by Sue K Riley
Faith Rivera (Let It Out) by Sue Riley
Freebo (If Not Now When) by Richard Mekdeci
Freebo (Something to Believe) by Sue K. Riley
Glen Roethel (Unfolding) by Sue K Riley
Harold Payne (Positively Live) by Sue K. Riley
Harold Payne (Possibilities) by Sue Riley
Hilary Michels (Brave New World) by Sue K. Riley
Jacqueline Jax Silva (Living All the Way) by Sue K Riley
Jami Lula (There’s A Healin’ Goin’ On) by Richard Mekdeci
Jan Garrett & JD Martin (All These Gifts) by Reviewed by Richard Mekdeci
Jan Garrett & JD Martin (Inside the Songwriter's Studio) by Sue Riley
Jan Garrett and JD Martin (Falling in Love Again) by Sue Riley
Jana Stanfield (What Would You Do This Year If you had No Fear?) by Sue Riley
Janet Lee Kraft (Sacred Chants from the Music Angels) by Sue Riley
Jason Earll and The Infinite Within (One) by Melinda Wood Allen
Jennifer Ferren (Spectacular) by Sue Riley
Jennifer Ferren (Inside Job) by Richard Mekdeci
Jill Colucci (Heal My Heart) by Sue Riley
Karen Drucker (Let Go of the Shore) by Sue Riley
Karen Drucker (The Call) by Sue K. Riley
Karen Drucker (Joy in Our Hearts) by Sue Riley
Karen Drucker (With Love, Anything is Possible) by Sue K Riley
Karen Taylor Good (Let the Light In) by Sue Riley
Len Seligman (Shine Your Light) by Sue Riley
Lezli Goodwin (Wonderland) by Melinda Allen
Lisa Bell (Dancing on the Moon) by Sue K. Riley
Lisa Bell (The Italian Project) by Sue K. Riley
Marcy Baruch (The Strength of Love) by Sue K. Riley
Melinda Wood Allen (All is Grace) by Richard Mekdeci
Nathen Aswell (Yes) by Sue K Riley
Penny Nichols (Golden State) by Sue Riley
Raina Randolph (Naturally) by Richard Mekdeci
Richard Mekdeci (So Far, So Good) by Jennifer Ferren
Richard Mekdeci (DayMaker) by Sue K. Riley
Roger Tomhave (Homemade and Handed Down) by Sue Riley
Sloan Wainwright (Uncovering) by Sue Riley
Sloan Wainwright (Bright Side of a Rainy Day) by Richard Mekdeci
Sloan Wainwright (Upside Down and Under my Heart) by Sue Riley
Stowe Dailey Shockey (Flying High) by Sue K. Riley
Stowe Dailey Shockey and Karen Taylor Good (Love Lives On) by Richard Mekdeci
StoweGood (Church in a Flash) by Richard Mekdeci
StoweGood (Beautiful Brokenness) by Sue Riley
Sue K Riley (I Choose Love) by Jennifer Ferren
Sue K Riley and Dr. Rev. Leddy Hammock (12 Women of the Chalice - A journey of music and meditation exploring the feminine aspect of the 12 powers.) by Chris Foster
Sue Riley (Everything Changes I Can Change Too) by Carole Tomhave
Sue Riley (Ready To Receive) by Richard Mekdeci
Susie Hulcher (Like Ten Thousand Suns) by Sue K. Riley
Tim Burnaman (Rain Sun Music) by Richard Mekdeci
Tim Hamm (Never Too Late) by Sue K Riley
Various (6th Annual emPower Posi Awards Compilation) by Sue K. Riley
Various (emPower Me Up “Prosper Power”) by Sue K. Riley
Various (compiled by Charylu Roberts) (Spirit Calls 16 Inspiring Songs for Today) by Sue K. Riley

"Rating 5 out of 5 Few CD’s I listen to transcend the function of providing music to the listener and become a spiritual experience. Whether or not it’s because of where I am at in my personal... Read More...

Each year, emPower Music & Arts releases a compilation CD containing the songs that have been nominated for a Posi Award that year. All of the songs on these CDs have been through three phases... Read More...

Melinda brings her years of classical vocal training, acting, musical theater and songwriting chops to bear on this collection of heartfelt and often romantic... Read More...

 If you're looking for some new classic holiday songs there's something for everyone on "All these Gifts". Fans of Jan Garrett and JD Martin, will find the real life couple in rare form and... Read More...

StoweGood is the songwriting partnership of Karen Taylor Good and Stowe Daily, two truly gifted singer/songwriters.  Both Karen and Stowe are successful and compelling solo... Read More...

CK is a beautiful presence in the Posi world and we are all thrilled to hear her debut CD.  CK has a sweet, angelic voice and her voice is... Read More...

Brave Enough   by   Chelley Seibert

Brave Enough is the name of Chelley Seibert’s new CD, and she explores that theme with depth and beauty in 10 songs... Read More...

Hilary has a lovely, lilting voice that is perfectly matched with the compelling arrangements of these songs.  Touching on varied themes such as self-empowerment, love, and childhood bullying,... Read More...

Sloan is one of my favorite and most unique Posi artists. Her husky alto voice is one of a kind and instantly recognizable. And her songwriting is sublime as well. Each song is like a painting.... Read More...

 Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor Good have truly consummated their relationship - as StoweGood that is, with the creation of the Church in a Flash 2GB USB flash... Read More...