emPower Music & Art's national concert tour, PosiPalooza features Posi Award nominated artists from the emPower roster, sharing the stage for an interactive and uplifting concert like no other. The PosiPalooza experience is unscripted, and typically our artists follow a round-robin format, each song playing off the one before with the artists often accompanying one another.

The list of artists available for the PosiPalooza concerts is stunning. Our nominees are some of the best songwriters and performers in the country. Many have written top 10 hits (even a few number ones) and have been nominated for prestigious awards including Grammys and Emmys.

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Highlights from Mega PosiPalooza 2008

Hosting a PosiPalooza concert is a great way to: 

  • emPower your music ministry
  • Present the New Thought message to your congregation in a way they will never forget.
  • Lift spirits and transform hearts
  • Draw new people to your church as a community outreach.
  • Raise money for special church projects, or community charities.

Successful PosiPalooza! Concerts have the following things in common:

  1. An enthusiastic music director or contact person.
  2. An in-house music ministry with a choir or ensemble
  3. A Minister who appreciates great New Thought music
  4. A sanctuary that holds at least 150 people
  5. A good sound system with video display and a capable tech crew
  6. Willingness to promote the event and sell at least 100 tickets.
  7. A congregation that appreciates and honors New Thought Music
  8. Close proximity to other Unity, New Thought and Unitarian churches.
  9. The ability to produce color printing

It is an event like no other.
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