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Denise Sherman is a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Speaker, Educator, Producer, and Music Director. She has had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage, opening for, and/or performing with amazing New Thought artists including Rickie Byars Beckwith, Esther Nicholson, Celia, Cliff Rubin, John Maxwell Taylor, and Karen Taylor-Good, among others.

In addition to her dynamic and powerful vocals, she plays piano, keyboard and drums. A skilled percussionist, she specializes in world beat percussion utilizing djembe and congas, among other instruments. She also plays crystal quartz singing bowls and Native American flute to facilitate meditation.

She has had the privilege of performing in various venues, including Unity Churches in Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Illinois and Ohio. She has also had the pleasure of hosting "Spiritshops" (they're too much fun to call "Workshops") at various Unity Churches.

Denise served at Unity Church of Indianapolis for fourteen years, first as Choir Director and then as Music Minister and Director. During this time she produced, directed, and arranged all of the music for regular Sunday Celebration services, directing and performing as a member of Unity's Praise Band, "Spirit of Praise."

She was also responsible for all the musical components of special events held at the church, including a Metaphysics of OZ production in which she combined music from Wicked, The Wizard of OZ and The Wiz to create a unique multicultural and contemporary metaphysical production that featured many musicians and included multimedia elements interspersed with the minister's spoken word contribution.

During her tenure at Unity, she created a monthly drum circle and a monthly musical service called "Second Saturday Song" that featured "Spirit of Praise," as well as bringing in extraordinary guest musicians from Indianapolis and nationally recognized musical talent from all over the country.

"Spirit Through Music" is her motto and more than that, her life’s journey as she continues to express her gifts from God through music.

She is currently scheduling a New Thought solo tour of the US. She is available for services, concerts, special events, retreats, Spiritshops (Workshops), and private consulting sessions.

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Denise Sherman - Spirit Through Music

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