If you are a publisher, songwriter/musician, or music copyright holder, you understand how difficult it can be to receive acknowledgment and financial support for your hard work.

As musicians and publishers of music and musical events, the emPower founders are constantly approached by churches and other venues, who ask them to help make it easier to legally use the music they want to use in their church or organization.  As a result of these requests the emPower Music & Arts Music Rights program was born.

To get started, you simply need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your emPower Music & Arts account
    (or create one - it's free!)
  2. Complete the online Publisher's Agreement
  3. As a publisher, you will be paid on any reported songs in your catalog
  4. If you wish your mp3 songs to be offered for sale through the emPower Music and Arts store, they must be entered by an admin person. Please contact Sue at

That's it!

emPower Music & Arts receives feedback from participating Licensees (churches and other organizations) on which of our licensed music they have used.  We then distribute a portion of the license fees we have received to those publishers whose songs were used (subject to certain conditions).

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