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Church Leaders: Support Musicans By Licensing Rights To Play, Perform and Display Their Music.

Church leaders are often surprised to hear that they may be at risk for copyright infringement for the music they use in their churches.

While U.S. Copyright Law provides a "religious service exemption," this exemption only covers the performance for works of a religious nature in a religious service, and no matter the type of music, may not include the recording, printing or display of lyrics, music, and other copyrighted items.

Furthermore, the performance of any music played or performed outside a religious service will usually require the permission from the copyright owner(s).

emPower Music Rights works with hundreds of top musicians, composers and song copyright owners to provide churches and other organizations with an easy, convenient, and affordable way to use their music.

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Music Licensing for Peace of Mind and Support of Music Artists

emPower Music Rights licenses the right to use songs and musical works created and owned by songwriters, composers, lyricists and music publishers who participate in the emPower Music Rights licensing program.

It would be impossible for individual composers and publishers to monitor the hundreds of churches, organizations and venues that use their music. It would be equally difficult, time consuming and expensive for music directors, churches and other organizations to contact and negotiate with all the individual owners of the music that they might wish to use.

Through emPower Music Rights, with one simple annual fee, church music directors, organizations and other licensees can obtain the rights to use and perform thousands of songs created or owned by hundreds of songwriters, composers, lyricists and publishers.

Easy, Quick, Affordable Music Rights.

We've done the work for you.  Working with leading positive, uplifting and inspirational musicians, composers, and copyright owners, we have obtained their permission to grant your organization, a license to use their music, including for:

  • Church lobbies, bookstores, meeting rooms, and other areas of the church
  • Making Audio or video recordings of your worship service and events
  • Lyrics on overhead projectors
  • Church service bulletins and songsheets
  • Church songbooks
  • Concerts, social events and gatherings
  • Seminars, conferences, classes
  • Dance or aerobics classes.