Infinite Surface of the Heart CD

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emPower has produced a brand new CD on the theme of Healing.  This compilation CD has songs co-written by Harold Payne, Faith Rivera, Sue Riley, Richard Mekdeci, David Roth, Sloan Wainwright, Karen Drucker, Jan Garrett, Jana Stanfield, Freebo, Melinda Wood Allen, Glen Roethel, Penny Nichols, and Nathen Aswell. 

1.  "White Flag Day (I Surrender)" written by Harold Payne, Faith Rivera, Sue Riley Listen

2.  "I Will Be Fine" by Penny Nichols and Jana Stanfield Listen

3.  "Show Me the Way" by Jana Stanfield and Jan Garrett Listen

4.  "What Needs Changing in the World"  by Richard Mekdeci and Freeo Listen

5.  "I Am There For You" by Faith Rivera, Penny Nichols, Jana Stanfield, and Daniel Nahmod Listen

6.  "Bring On the Rhythm" by Richard Mekdeci and Nathen Aswell  Listen

7.  "Living From the Inside Out" by Freebo and Melinda Wood Allen Listen

8.  "How to Heal" by Sue Riley and Glen Roethel Listen

9.  "Nurse Dracula (How I Wanna Make You Feel) by Glen Roethel and Nathen Aswell Listen

10.  "Trail of Tears" by David Roth and Freebo Listen

11.  "Infinite Surface of the Heart" by David Roth, Sloan Wainwright, and Sue Riley Listen

12.  "Always in All Ways" by Faith Rivera and Karen Drucker Listen


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emPower Music and Arts
Care Givers
Healing and Recovery
Inner Peace