I Choose Love CD by Sue Riley

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Sue's brand new CD! 

Produced by Daniel Nahmod, this CD contains several new songs for congregational singing, along with several empowering solos.  Featuring co-written songs by many of your favorite Posi songwriters, this CD contains some of Sue's most requested new songs.

Graphic design is done by Glen Roethel.

Tracks include:

  • "Blessed Be" by Sue Riley and Faith Rivera Listen
  • "Dandelion Dreams" by Sue Riley, Glen Roethel, Penny Nichols, Chris Kunstadter Listen
  • "I Am Love" by Sue Riley and Glen Roethel Listen
  • "Second Chances" by Sue Riley and Harold Payne Listen
  • "The Goodness of God" by Sue Riley Listen
  • "I Made Room for Grace" by Sue Riley and Melinda Wood Allen Listen
  • "My Every Notion" by Sue Riley and Glen Roethel Listen
  • "May You Know God" by Sue Riley, Karen Taylor Good, Don Lansky, Patricia Gulino Lansky, Laurence Elder Listen
  • "It's Up to Me" by Sue Riley, Glen Roethel, and Nathen Aswell Listen
  • "I Choose Love" by Sue Riley and Karen Taylor Good Listen
  • "What I Seek is Seeking Me" by Sue Riley and Jana Stanfield Listen
  • "Why Not Me?" by Sue Riley Listen
  • "Who You Become Along the Way" by Sue Riley and Jana Stanfield Listen
Artist or Publisher: 
Sue Riley