Publisher FAQ

We've compiled the following list of frequently asked questions to help you understand this program.

Q. Who will be the “Licensees” of my music?
A. Churches, religious organizations and other related groups.

Q. What will Licensees be able to do with my music?
A. Licensees will be able to:
a)    Play CDs and recordings
b)    Print words and/or music in programs, bulletins, and songsheets
c)    Project the words and/or
d)    Record and copy live recordings of church services and to sell CDs, cassette tapes or other media of such recordings, so long as the recordings are not sold for more than $5.00 (five dollars) for each audio recording, and $10.00 (ten dollars) for each video recording,
e)    Record and copy the Compositions for rehearsal purposes
f)    Record and transmit the Compositions as part of pod-casts of church services.
g)    Record and synchronize the Compositions as part of televised versions of church services

Q. Will I be giving up the rights to my music?
A. No. You retain all rights, title, and interest to your music.

Q. Do you need a list of all my music?
A. Yes, but it’s not essential.  The agreement will cover your whole catalog (all the music for which you own the rights to), however, to make it easier for Licensees to tell us which music they use, it is very helpful if we can have a list of all your titles.

Q. What information do you need about my music?
A. For each title, please let us know who wrote the lyrics and/or music, the Copyright year, and the name of the Copyright Owner/Publisher.

Q. How do I submit the information about my music?
A. You can submit your song information when you sign the Publisher Agreement, or by going to the song information page.

Q. How much will I get paid?
A. Don’t quit your day job!  A portion of annual license fees received from Licensees will be distributed to the Publishers whose music is used by Lincesees. Initially emPower will distribute fifty percent (50%) of license revenues according to the relative usage of each Publisher’s song.  In subsequent years, emPower may increase the distribution to Publishers. 

Only Publishers whose songs are used will earn royalties.  Payments will be made only when amounts due to a Publisher exceeding twenty five dollars ($25).

Q. If licensees use my music, when will I get paid?
A. Payments are made semi-annually, within sixty (60) days after the last days of June and December of each year.

Q. How will you know if my song is used?
A. We rely on reports from Licensees as well as the surveys we conduct.  While we don’t expect to be able to get a complete record of each song used by every Publisher, we will use this information to get as accurate a representation of song usage as possible.

Q. What if there are other copyright owners on my music compositions?
A. emPower will pay just one copyright owner.  If there are multiple copyright owners, you must make arrangements to pay them directly.