Faith Rivera: "Where I Live There are Rainbows" CD

Most loved songs from Hawaii and originals from multiple Grammy-winner Daniel Ho and Emmy winner Faith Rivera recorded live in concert.

1.  Hawaii Aloha

2.  Intro "Where I Live there are frogs...

3.  Hawaiian Lullaby

4.  He Aloha Mele

5.  Intro:  Being Called Home

6.  Honolulu City Lights

7.  Hawaiian Wedding Song

8.  Intro:  Give it all to have it all

9.  Kanaka Wai Wai

10.  Simple as a Sunrise

11.  Daniel's Intro Our "Mickey Mouse" watch song

12.  ALong for the Ride

13.  Intro:  "Dedication to Elain"

14.  Aloha Oe

15.  Ka Pule Lokahi (The Unity Prayer)