3rd Annual emPower Music and Arts Posi Awards CD

3rd Annual New Thought Music Awards Songwriter's Tribute

Featuring the Posi Award Nominees from the 3rd Annual New Thought Music Awards.



Listen 1 One Heart by JD Martin
Listen 2 Share The Dream by Harold Payne
Listen 3 See Myself In You by Tom Kimmel
Listen 4 This Is What I Know by Jan Garrett
Listen 5 Grand Design by Greg Tamblyn
Listen 6 Today by Cathy McGill
Listen 7 God Is A River by Peter Mayer
Listen 8 Amazing Things by Megan McDonough
Listen 9 Kumbaya by Faith Rivera
Listen 10 Heart Open Wide by John Smith
Listen 11 Real Men Cry by Karen Taylor-Good
Listen 12 Gathering Of Spirits by Carrie Newcomer
Listen 13 Pour Yourself In Me by Rickie Byars Beckwith
Listen 14 Lead Me To The Light by Bethani
Listen 15 Blessing To The World by Karen Drucker
Listen 16 What Must Be Done by Greg Greenway
Listen 17 Do All You Can by Devotion
Listen 18 Earth by David Roth
Listen 19 Standing As One by Faith Rivera