2nd Annual emPower Music and Arts Posi Awards CD (2006)

2nd Annual New Thought Songwriter's Tribute

Featuring the Posi Award Nominees from the 2nd Annual emPower Posi Music Awards.



Listen 1 Colors of Praise by Faith Rivera (with Colors Of Praise Choir)
Listen 2 One Voice by Fred Bogert
Listen 3 Step By Step by Chuck Pyle
Listen 4 One Heart by Tom Kimmel
Listen 5 Invisible Hands by JD Martin
Listen 6 Hero's Journey by Susan Kay Wyatt
Listen 7 May The Light Of Love by David Roth
Listen 8 Everlasting Love by Sky Shepard
Listen 9 Holy Now by Peter Mayer
Listen 10 That Good Thing by Erin McGaughan
Listen 11 Ready To Use The Gifts I've Been Given by Jana Stanfield
Listen 12 I Lost The Right To Sing The Blues by Karen Drucker
Listen 13 Perfect Work Of Art by Karen Taylor-Good
Listen 14 I Dreamed Of Rain by Jan Garrett With JD Martin
Listen 15 Unconditional Love (The Story of Evy) by Greg Tamblyn
Listen 16 Blessed Always by Rickie Byars Beckwith
Listen 17 I Am by Devotion
Listen 18 Peace Be To You by Michael Stillwater