Accolades for Roger Tomhave

2016 was a banner year for Homemade and Handed Down, Roger’s latest recording project. Produced by JD Martin, this CD includes three songs that have been recognized by several international songwriting competitions.

The title track, Homemade and Handed Down:
(words and music by Roger, Jan Garrett, and Carole Tomhave)

  • Finalist, International Indie Songwriting Competition in the Americana/Country category.
  • Finalist, 22nd Annual USA Songwriting Competition in the Folk Category.
  • Nominee, 12th Annual emPower Posi Awards, in the Personal Transformation category.  The song will be performed live at the Sunday evening Awards Gala to be held in Tampa, Florida, February 26, at the Tampa Marriott Westshore.
  • Finalist, 33rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, the International Songwriting Competition sponsored by the Songwriters Association of Washington, in the Country/Bluegrass category.

Soft Landings:
(words and music by Roger and Daniel David Johnson)

  • Finalist, 33rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, in the Children’s category. Both Soft Landings and Homemade and Handed Down will be recognized at the Awards Gala, on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 6:30 pm at Jammin' Java, Vienna, Virginia.

Brogan’s Lane:
(words and music by Roger and Daniel David Johnson)

Finalist, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in their “myATstory” contest.

Roger gives special thanks to JD Martin, producer for the CD and co-writer on two songs, as well as the rest of his emPower cowriters on the CD: Jan Garrett, Daniel David Johnson, Glen Roethel, and Carole Tomhave. JD selected, recorded, and presented the very best of Roger’s storytelling, love of family, and love for his emPower tribe.