About emPower M&A

Who are we?

emPower Music & Arts is a community dedicated to creating positive global change through music, writing and the spoken word. We are Musicians, Song Writers, Artists, Authors, Speakers, Performers, Ministers, Music Directors, Promoters, Suppliers, Distributors, Networkers, Organizations, Churches, and Fans; together we reach out to change the world.

Our Mission:

To transform lives and create positive change in the world.

Our Vision:

A world that works for everyone.

What is Posi?

It's just short for "positive" and it's pronounced Pah-zee.

What is Posi Music?

Well known folk artist and multi-Posi Award winner, David Roth gave his definition of Posi Music:  
“Posi music inspires, transforms, empowers, unites, enlightens, heals and celebrates the human spirit and its many forms of spirituality. It embraces diversity, builds community, cares for the Earth entertains possibility and raises consciousness for social justice, self–awareness, authenticity and integrity.”

  • Posi Music’s message of inclusiveness, oneness and social justice is compatible with the philosophy of the growing “spiritual but not religious” identifiers and the over 50 million Cultural Creatives in America
  • Posi Music is the antithesis of the “whiney victim love songs” that make up 90% of mainstream popular music
  • Posi Music is message-based so it can be found in virtually every musical genre from Folk to Rap, Country to Heavy Metal, Reggae, R&B, even Gospel-flavored Posi Music
  • Posi music isn’t political in any way. Protest songs are not considered Posi Songs
  • Songs that bash another group or viewpoint are not Posi songs
  • Posi music states what it is for, rather than what it is against.

The “Posi” Artist:

  • The Posi Music artist is socially conscious, global-minded, peaceful, inclusive and accepting of all beliefs and lifestyles
  • Posi Music artists build their careers around creating positive change in the world through their art.  Their music is also their ministry
  • A Posi artist’s repertoire is primarily Posi Music

Most of our Posi Music artists have large, international audiences outside the Posi Music community.  Total fan base represented by the emPower artists has not been determined but can be estimated at well over 1 million.