The emPower Posi Awards

The Biggest Event in Positive Music!

The emPower Posi Awards were introduced in 2005 to recognize excellence in songwriting for positive, emPowering Music.

The Posi Awards celebrate the powerful music and extraordinary artists who are transforming lives and helping to create a world that works for everyone through the power of Posi-tive music.

The 13th annual Posi Awards promises to be the best ever with more and more new talent submitting each year. Posi (or Positive) Music is its own unique genre and is defined primarily by its message. Posi songs can be any musical style, but have in common messages of peace, unity, healing, emPowerment, personal and global transformation, social justice and environmental sustainability.

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The Process:

The Posi Awards are part of a nationally recognized event called the emPower Posi Music Festival.

Please note: we are asking that only songs recorded from 2010-2017 be entered.

Submissions for the 2018 Posi Awards are now closed. See you at the Posi Fest in February!

Initial submissions are screened by the emPower executive team to make sure they meet quality and appropriateness guidelines.

  • The submission fee is $20 per song/video submitted
  • You may submit as many songs as you'd like
  • You may submit multiple songs within the same category
  • You may submit the same song to multiple categories. Each submission is $20
  • You may submit songs for other people
  • You must submit through the website, and include the MP3 audio file and lyrics that you cut and paste into the submission form
  • We will not accept cassettes, CDs sent through the mail, or songs sent to one of the emPower board members.  Please use the website
  • If a song doesn’t fit the category it was submitted to, we reserve the right to move it to another category
  • Songs should be at least demo quality.  If a song has a substandard quality recording, we will disqualify it
  • Each entry must be completely original (co-writers allowed) and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third party
  • Please no remakes of famous songs or hymns. This is a songwriting contest
  • No composition may be entered that has been selected as a finalist in previous Posi Awards

Songs are rated by emPower Pro Members and Posi Award winners and nominees.

Video finalists are also voted on by “People’s Choice” – fans inside and outside the emPower community.

Finalists will be announced on November 1 to kick off Posi Music Month.

The finalists (nominees) are then sent to our professional judging panel made up of artists, songwriters, online radio station managers and producers, ministers, and other professionals in the Posi Music industry. The judging panel’s ratings determine the “outstanding song” in each category.

All decisions made by the executive team and/or the judges are final.

If your song is one of the Finalists selected, you will be invited to perform at the 13th Annual Posi Music Festival and your registration for the entire weekend will be paid. We also place the nominated songs each year on our annual compilation CD. If we cannot use your song on the compilation CD for any reason, your song will be disqualified. Artists receiving Honorable Mentions will be given a performance slot on the opening night concert and a Pajama Jam Music Showcase.

The Posi Awards currently recognizes excellence in SONGWRITING. A Posi Award is given to the songwriter(s) not the artist, if they are different people.

The eight categories for submission are:

We will offer 8 categories this year. Please carefully read the description of each category to make sure you are entering it in the perfect category.

  • Uniting: These songs should emphasize our similarities and promote values of humanity as one family. Uniting songs promote global peace, and honoring of all paths. These songs help us see through the politics that separate us to the humanity that unites us together. EXAMPLE: Jana Stanfield’s “I Am One” or “Let’s Stand Together” by Faith Rivera and Harold Payne.
  • Personal Transformation:  These are songs which encourage us to grow into our full potential as human beings. These songs are usually very personal for the songwriter yet are about topics we can all relate to. They are songs about change, decisions, and those “ah-ha” moments in our evolution toward higher living. EXAMPLE: Peter Mayer’s “Holy Now” or Daniel Nahmod’s “That One”
  • Healing: Healing can take place in many ways and in many forms. Healing can apply to your relationships, or your finances as well as your physical body.  It can be about forgiveness, healing prejudice or other negative beliefs, or about listening to that voice within. EXAMPLE: Karen Taylor Good’s “Color Blind” or Sloan Wainwright’s “I Am Free”
  • Social Justice and Social Action: Posi music is all about creating a world that works for everyone on a personal as well as a global level. These songs are meant to spur us to action. They are about social justice, the environment and recognizing our interdependence. These are not political or “protest songs”. They are not critical, or negative - rather, they should be hopeful that people can make a difference. EXAMPLE: Greg Greenway’s “What Must Be Done” or Bob Sima’s “Be the Change” 
  • New Thought: This category is for songs specifically about our common spirituality and honors all paths to God.  These are songs that you may hear on Sunday morning and include chants and songs with short memorable choruses for group singing.  New Thought songs avoid references to specific faiths or theology to make them more universally acceptable.
    EXAMPLES: Karen Drucker’s “Face of God” or Claudia Carawan’s “I Claim A Blessing”
  • Relationships: This category is for songs about our one-on-one relationships with each other. Songs can be about a friend, a family member, a mentor, or a significant other. Love songs about deep relationships that are fitting for dedications, weddings, memorials and anniversaries are also welcome here. Our focus with this new category is to go beyond romantic love. EXAMPLES: “Thank You Mr. Ryan” by David Roth, “Through the Eyes of Love” by Devotion, “Grandpa’s Hands” by Sue Riley.
  • Video: Yes, a picture paints a thousand words! Set your Posi song to video, load it up onto YouTube and submit the link as your submission.The video award is given to the artist, not the songwriter, although in many cases they are one and the same. Music videos are rated on their originality and must include actual video. (Photos laid over the music will not be considered.)  The song featured on the video must be a “Posi” song that would fit into one of the seven categories if submitted separately.
  • All Music Matters: If you’ve carefully read all the other categories and don’t feel your song fits into any of the others, then it is most likely in this category. It could include humorous parodies, true stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things or a love song to Mother Earth. EXAMPLES: “Carry On” by Marcy Baruch or “Writer’s Block” by Greg Tamblyn

Submissions for the 2018 Posi Awards are now closed. See you at the Posi Fest in February!

We have support available to assist you with your questions.

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Whether you are nominated or not, we hope to see you at the 13th Annual Posi Music Festival!