Posi Music Festival

Posi Music Festival

5 Days of Amazing Events!

For Music Directors, Artists & Fans!

February 23 – 27, 2017

The festival registration price of $355 includes 3 communal lunches. A service charge of $5.95 will be applied to registrations.

Group rates are available for 3 or more from same church.

The beautiful Tampa Marriott Westshore


Our block ended Feb 3, 2017.  Please call the hotel for availablity

Hotel Conference Rate is $133 plus tax per night and each room can sleep up to 4 people.

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Experience the most awesome gathering of Posi Music artists on the planet!

  • Nightly concerts

  • The wildly popular Pajama Jam acoustic music showcases

  • Workshops and keynotes featuring Julie Gold (From a Distance) and StoweGood

  • Song circles

  • Namaste Cafe (share a song)

  • Conference Chorus and ensembles. 

  • And the 12th Annual emPower Posi Awards


4:00-6:00 PM
6:00-7:00 PM Orientation with Karen Drucker, Harold Payne, Richard Mekdeci, Sue Riley, and others
7:00-8:30 PM Grace Note Presentation by the Music Team: Richard Mekdeci and Sue Riley - recipients
8:30-10:30 Namaste Cafe hosted by David Roth 8:30-10:30.  Share a song.  Sign up sheets in bookstore

8:30-9:15 AM Greet the Day Music: Karen Drucker

Morning Music, announcements, inspirational reading

9:30-11:30 AM Keynote: Julie Gold “They’re Wrong”
Julie Gold is our keynote speaker this year.
She tells aspiring songwriters (and citizens of the world) her "MANTRA" is "THEY'RE WRONG"... referring to all the roadblocks and rejections artist are confronted with daily.
She was and is tenacious in realizing her dreams. Listen to her story, and get pumped for the rest of our retreat.
11:45 AM-1:00 PM Communal Lunch around the pool
1:00-2:30 PM Workshops:

  1. Sue Riley and Richard Mekdeci: “Music Ministry Nuts and Bolts”
  2. Karen Drucker: "The Healing Power of Music"
  3. Jacquie Fernandez-Lenati:  “Beginning and Intermediate Social Media”
  4. Julie Gold: "Who Writes A Song?"
  5. Blair Tabor: "Music and the Mystical Experience"

2:45-4:15 PM Workshops:

  1. Melinda Wood Allen:  Posi World Chorus Rehearsal
  2. David Ezell:  Ensembles
  3. Richard Mekdeci "What's a New Thought Song"
  4. David Roth:  "Songs of Love"
  5. Tom Kimmel "Stars and Wishes" song support
  6. Robert Finnigan:  "How to Make Good Financial Music"

4:30-6:45 PM Dinner on your own
7:00 PM “All Music Matters” Concert featuring this year’s Honorable Mentions

Concert includes:  Elaine Penn, Nancy Pitkin, Andrea Menard, Melinda Wood Allen, Angelle Peace, Kim Belew, Jennifer Ferren, Chelley Seibert, Lucy Kilpatrick, Janis Kelly, Sherry Hursey, Rick Cowling, Dennis Bryan, Kristen Justice.
10:00 PM-Midnight Pajama Jams.  Acoustic music in themed hotel rooms.  Our signature event.

See Daniel Nahmod, Karen Drucker, David Roth, Harold Payne, Jana Stanfield, JD Martin, Jan Garrett, Claudia Carawan, Glen Roethel, Marcy Baruch, Faith Rivera, FloydLula, Tom Kimmel, Freebo, StoweGood, Sue Riley, Richard Mekdeci, and many others "up close and personal" in this fun evening of music.

8:30-9:15 AM Greet The Day Music: Faith Rivera - Morning Music, Announcements, and inspirational readings
9:30-11:30 AM Keynote: StoweGood - Discover Your Unopened Gifts
This exciting 2-hour workshop is a chance for musical messengers Karen Taylor Good & Stowe Dailey to lay some love on YOU. StoweGood takes you on a music-inspired journey to the soul. Heart-opening exercises, both written and interactive, create a safe space for you to explore subjects like forgiveness, second chances, embracing your gifts, and who you were born to be. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and on fire to do what you do best!
11:45 AM-1:00 PM Communal Lunch
1:00-2:30 PM Workshops:

  1. Daniel Nahmod: "Sacred Love Singalong"
  2. John Stringer: "Conscious Popular Songwriting"
  3. Faith Rivera: "The Best of You: How to be a Great song leader"
  4. Garland Landrith and Jana Stanfield: A Tapping and Quantum Love Flow Concert, "Using Love and Body energies to Enhance the Musical Experience"
  5. Jennifer Ferren:  "Vocal Discovery"
  6. Amy Steinberg:  "Creative Expression"

2:45-4:15 PM Workshops:

  1. Melinda: Posi World Chorus Rehearsal
  2. David Ezell: Ensembles
  3. Jaqueline Jax Silva: "House Concerts 101"
  4. Andrea Menard “Honoring the Four Sacred Bodies”
  5. Daniel Nahmod: "Fundamentals of Music Production"
  6. David Roth: “Grain of Salt” song support

4:00-5:00 PM Meet the Artists: CD and Book Signings
5:00-6:45 PM Dinner on your own
7:00 PM Mega PosiPalooza! Featuring Past Year's Nominees

Concert includes:  Eddie Watkins JR, Marcy Baruch, Freebo, Glen Roethel, Dawn Kerlin, Tom Kimmel, Karen Drucker, David Roth, Faith Rivera, Jan and JD, Jana Stanfield, Anthony Burbidge, FloydLula, Richard Mekdeci, Sue Riley, and others.
9:30-11:30 PM Namaste Cafe hosted by Jana Stanfield. Share a song. Sign up sheet in the bookstore

10:00 AM Ensemble rehearsal
11:00 AM-Noon "Faith Lift" Speaker, Reverend Blair Tabor with special music
12:30-2:00 PM "Posi Festival Banquet" featuring ensembles and special music
3:00-4:30 PM Workshops:

  1. Kim Belew: “Bridging the Gap with Conscious Rap”
  2. Jacquie Lenati: "Advanced Social Media"
  3. Vernon Howell: "The Life and Poetry of Maya Angelou"
  4. Claudia Carawan: “Recording Using Garage Band”
  5. Blair Tabor: "Sufi Dancing"
  6. Song Circles: Sign up in the bookstore. Share a song in a safe and intimate circle. Song circle leaders: Jana Stanfield, Marcy Baruch, David Roth

7:00 PM 12th Annual Posi Awards Concert

Concert includes:  Amy Steinberg, Harold Payne, Sloan Wainwright, Jon Scott, Patricia Bahia, Laurence Elder, John Stringer, Denise Rosier, StoweGood, Daniel Nahmod, and more
9:30 PM After-Awards Backstage Celebration - $10 ticketed event with a cash bar. Join the artists for live music, singing, dancing, and celebrating this year's Nominees.

9:30 AM 
Closing Circle and Heart Sing


Workshop Descriptions

Daniel Nahmod: "Fundamentals of Music Production — Tips, Techniques, and Technology"
Through his experience producing 18 of his own CDs, as well as producing nearly as many CDs (including various emPower compilations) and hundreds of songs for artists of all skill and experience levels in his own Humanity Music studio in Orange County CA, Daniel has spent thousands of hours reading, studying, practicing and refining his real-world skills as an engineer, arranger, and producer. And all that work has borne fruit:  Daniel’s productions have sold over 150,000 CDs, and have appeared on American Idol, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, The Voice, and many other programs.  In this enlightening and practical workshop, Daniel will talk about the production techniques, tools, and professional tricks of the trade that he’s learned along the way…. Microphones, monitors, room treatments, software and other equipment which may or may not justify their expense… Fundamentals of arranging, recording and mixing to take your recordings to a next level immediately… Pros and cons of hiring a producer and/or pro studio… and more. Time permitting, we’ll listen to a few recordings of attendees, to discuss pathways for potential improvement, so bring your CDs and your questions! For the recording singer-songwriter, this promises to be an inspiring, informative, and ultimately empowering session.

Daniel Nahmod: Sacred Love Singalong
Daniel’s Sacred Love hymns and worship songs are some of the most popular congregational songs in the Unity world. Join Daniel for an inspiring, powerful experience of singing and praying together — songs like “Get Ready My Soul,” “When I Pray,” “Swing Wide the Doors,” “Sacred Love,” “Inside (to find my God),” “My Soul Is Welcome Here,” and many more! Lots of beautiful melodies, harmonies, and joyful vibes will be flowing, with lyrics provided… It’s the perfect end to an inspiring, informative afternoon, and the perfect soulful prelude to an amazing Posi evening! Relive the magic of Daniels most popular church music product ever – Sacred Love.

Andrea Menard: "Honoring the Four Sacred Bodies"
The 4 Sacred Bodies Workshop is designed to bring healing to those who have been afraid to speak, to those who are uncomfortable with their feelings, and to those who feel terrorized by their mind. Using the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, Andrea offers a technique to stabilize the Four Sacred Bodies and engage the Mental Body’s awareness of the other three Bodies: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, and the Spiritual Body.

Through sacred teachings, drumming, vocalization, visualization and laughter, Andrea assists in opening the vocal channels that lock-down the emotional voice and offers all attendees a new practice for expression.

Julie Gold: “Who Writes a Song?”
 What makes a song memorable? What makes a song singable?  The beautiful power of words and melody...  That power can and should transport the listener to a higher and better place.
Pick up your pen, you have the power.
 Let's explore rhyme.  Let's explore rhythm.  Let's explore melody!
From the heart, through the head through the hand, to the paper, to the soul of the listener.  Make every word and every note count!

Jacquline Jax Silva: "House Concert Hosting 101"
Have you been thinking about hosting house concerts but don’t know how to get started? Perhaps you have hosted a concert or two and want ideas on how to be a better host or just to compare notes with others? This workshop will provide practical tips, methods, and discussion for what to consider when deciding to host a concert. It will include preparation checklists to facilitate action in several aspects of hosting, including Booking, Networking/Promotion, Preparation, logistics, Post-concert follow-up, and legal considerations.

John Stringer: "Conscious Popular Songwriting"
You may have heard of stream-of-consciousness writing. Find out how to use it to make lyrics flow faster and easier than you may have previously written through simple techniques that eliminate writer's block and tap you into the ever flowing inspiration which allows your songs to be what they need to.  We'll also explore other simple songwriting tips, including structure and methods that make for a faster popular songwriting process.  At the end of the session, we will have composed a group song together using the tips. NOTE: This is the same process John Stringer has used to write albums with his Billboard charting indie rock band, State of Man, and most recently, his solo debut album, Limitless Love & Light, and it can be applied to any genre of music.

Vernon Howell: Presentation — "The Life and Poetry of Dr. Maya Angelou"
A moving presentation of the life of writer, poet, composer, philosopher, speaker, director, actor, dancer and singer Maya Angelou. This 90-minute presentation shares the gift of Dr. Maya Angelou and shows how and why she became so celebrated.

In her poem "Phenomenal Woman," Dr. Angelou justifiably and unabashedly claims this status for herself, other women and, in a greater sense, for the resilient power of every human being.
This must see presentation is presented by award-winning writer, motivational speaker, and emPower PosiTive Radio news contributor Vernon Howell. All are welcome to share this inspiring story.

Jennifer Ferren: "Vocal Discovery"
Give yourself permission to relax and let loose in this lighthearted, high-energy vocal workshop led by Jennifer Ferren. You'll explore all sorts of genres and learn Jennifer's sure-fire secrets to successful vocalization. Get ready to discover the voice that's been waiting to be heard!

Robert Finnigan: "How To Make Good Financial Music"
Get the inside story on how to make Financial Music by knowing “Notes to understand”, “ Lyrics that make it real”, “Rhythm is what it is all about”, “Melody keeps you engaged”, “Staff counts” and “Cliff notes keep you on track”.

Kim Belew: "Bridging the Gap with Positive Rap"
In this workshop, I plan to demonstrate how the traditional and familiar music ministry can work together with the new and fresh music. Looking at ways we can use music to engage the next generation and younger audience while also honoring and engaging our long time members as well. I will talk about various types of music and engage the audience in dialogue about how to bring music to their audience or congregation that will be inclusive of all. I will demonstrate how to add a rap to a song to help show how you can take a familiar song and give it a modern edge and there will be a time at the end of the session for people to try a freestyle rap.

Melinda Wood Allen: Posi World Chorus
Want to perform at the Posis? In this workshop/lab, we will rehearse positive, inspirational choral music for performance at the conference. We will open the Posi Awards concert on Sunday night and sing at our banquet. Anyone is welcome to sing, and for choir directors, this is a master class in effective techniques for inspiring, building and maintaining a successful church or community choir.  Rehearsal time is short, so plan to learn fast!!  

David Ezell: Instrumental Ensemble
Instrumentalists are invited to join together with other musicians in small ensembles. Ensembles who are well-prepared will be invited to perform for the afternoon banquet on Sunday. For those who preregister for this activity by January 8, we will recommend an ensemble group for each participant to join and suggest or arrange appropriate music. Facilitated by David Ezell. For comments and questions send an email to david@heartwindmusic.com.

Reverend Blair Tabor: "Spiritual Dancing"
Based on dances from the Sufi and other traditions, Blair Tabor will lead these dances and provide information on how to incorporate the dances into celebrations.  The dances create an easy, fun way to have a spiritual experience with song and movement.

Reverend Blair Tabor: "Music and the Mystical Experience"
The universe is vibration.  Learn to use music to tune your vibration to the experience you desire: healing, joy, love, abundance, peace.  Blair Tabor presents an enlightenment model and shares a practice using music to deepen your awareness.

Richard Mekdeci: "What’s a New Thought Song"
Correct language in our music is as important as it is in our sermons. In order to define our unique theology, our music should reflect the sometimes subtle nuances that make a song “New Thought”. We will discuss what New Thought is, and compare some of our most commonly used songs to the We will discuss what New Thought is, and compare some of our most commonly used songs to the criteria we created. Participants are invited to bring their own songs to examine or suggest songs for comparison.

Karen Drucker: "The Healing Power Of Music"
(based on the chant; “ Healed Whole & Heathy”)
“I am a healed whole and healthy. I relax and visualize. I am healed whole and healthy. I am well, I am well.”
We are living in challenging times and I believe we are being called to rise up and face all that is happening with love, oneness, and unity. And what better way to make it through than with healing, positive, inspirational songs and chants? As a songwriter, I have seen the power that music can bring to people who are in need of healing, and I have also experienced how singing my own affirmations can help with any issue I am dealing with and be used as a daily spiritual practice.

In this interactive workshop, we will use musical examples to heal and empower ourselves. We will learn how to write and sing our own personal affirmation chant*, and create a playlist where we will be healed and inspired in the process! (*No musical experience or talent required - shower singers are welcomed!)

Tom Kimmel: "Stars and Wishes Song Support"
Speaking personally, I once avoided song critiquing sessions because I found they were often dispiriting. Thankfully a teacher taught me an empowering system of feedback called “Stars & Wishes.” All writers and aspiring writers are welcome. Bring your songs, pen, paper, and a recorder. Open to everyone.

Sue Riley and Richard Mekdeci: "Music Ministry Nuts and Bolts"
Learn from these two 20-year veterans about how to become more than just the person who shows up to sing a song on Sunday morning. Learn how to create a "ministry" from a group of volunteers, how to weave a varied set of temperaments and skill levels into a "music ministry", how to empower your ministry to climb to the next level, and how to become a stronger music director yourself. This workshop will cover music copyright issues commonly encountered by churches, including projecting lyrics on-screen, printing lyrics in bulletins, photocopying music, recording church services, podcasting, live streaming, etc

David Roth: "Songs of Love" Join David in a playful, poignant, and powerful songwriting workshops for ALL levels, and be part of the whole process from beginning to end in one session. This day we'll co-create a custom made song for a sick child and his/her family through the Songs of Love Foundation in New York, which in its 20-year history has provided (absolutely free) over 27,000 (not a typo) custom made songs for families all over the world who have a child with serious health challenges. David’s been writing these for Songs of Love for 18 of those 20 years, and within two weeks he’ll send everyone a finished recording which he’ll produce back home on Cape Cod after we write the song. It’s truly meaningful and will mean the world to a family for generations to come. It may mean the world to you too! More info at www.songsoflove.org. And once we’re done, we’ll sing our song for everyone at the perfect opportunity.

Claudia Carawan:  "Intro to Garageband"
GarageBand is a music creation studio right inside your Mac that enables you to create music (or podcasts). In this workshop, you will learn how to use its intuitive interface and many sound libraries to record and create music. What to Bring: Mac iPhones, IPads, laptops — and headphones too — and a way to take notes!

Faith Rivera: "The Best of You: How to Be a Great Song Leader"
Learn how to bring your authentic best so that you are an effective leader from the stage, making the experience memorable and impactful. Explore ways to let your unique qualities shine, elevate your current performance level, show up as an artist, and also hold space and empower the congregation to help them sing along.  Please come with a short segment (1 minute) of a song you often lead.  

Amy Steinberg: "Creative Expression"
Join Amy for a theatre game funshop where she leads you in exploring expressive freedom. Physical, vocal, and acting warm ups, followed by games and improvisational storytelling. Come raise your vibration with some serious silliness.

Rev. Jacquie Lenati: “Beginning and Intermediate Social Media”
Rev. Jacquie Lenati facilitates these seminars. You may choose to attend one or both. The seminar instructions and activities will be delivered and conducted via social media. These intensives will provide hands-on social media experience at a comfortable pace. Please have an account and be logged in to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device prior to the start time of the seminars. If you need assistance setting up and logging in, please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Level I: Social Media Basics - This workshop will support someone who has limited experience with Facebook or Twitter. Instructions will cover social media jargon and basic concepts such as the following: my profile info, privacy settings, posting/tagging, liking and commenting, tweeting, hashtags, messaging and following/friending. Additionally, group and page admin skills will be reviewed.

Level II: This workshop will support skilled social media users and cover topics including scheduling posts, formatting photos for maximum viewing, advanced privacy settings, "posting as page," multiple page administration, uploading files, and third party apps. An overview of how to effectively create posts to maximize engagement.


Presenter Bios

Julie Gold is a New York City Singer/Songwriter, best known for Bette Midler's version of  “FROM A DISTANCE”, that won Gold a SONG OF THE YEAR GRAMMY in 1991.
From A Distance has been sung by countless artists the world over. It has been illustrated as a children's book. It has been used in greeting cards, music boxes, calendars. It was the wake-up call for the American astronauts when they first rendezvoused with the Russians in space at the Mir Space Station. Barbara Boxer recited the lyric into the Congressional Record during the first Persian Gulf war.

Julie Gold's songs have been recorded by diverse artists including Nanci Griffith, Patti LaBelle, Cliff Richard, The Byrds, Judy Collins, Jewel, Kathie Lee Gifford and Jack Jones. Her song THANKS TO YOU was featured in the motion picture ANDRE and Her song DREAM LOUD was featured in the motion picture UNFAITHFUL. Gold writes songs within the Oxford University Press curriculum that teach English to elementary school children around the world.

Karen Drucker has recorded 19 CDs of her original inspirational music, and is the author of an inspirational book, “Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free.” She has been a professional comedienne and has been the music director of New Thought Churches, as well as music director and “music weaver” for many spiritual conferences and retreats. Karen sings, speaks and leads workshops at women's retreats, mind-body & health conferences, and various churches around the country.  Karen Drucker has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music.” She loves making music, making a difference, and touching hearts.

Robert A. Finnigan, CFP© with 45 years of experience in the financial industry helping individuals in personal finance will share his dramatic ideas. Over the past 45 years, Bob has developed for clients a written plan covering various aspects of financial planning. Bob’s affiliation with Financial Network has provided him additional leverage with respect to the quality of research, financial products and additional professional relationships he can offer.

Richard Mekdeci is one of the co-founders of emPower Music & Arts, as well as an award-winning songwriter and musician. As a Licensed Unity Teacher and Interfaith Minister, Richard tours the United States and Canada to spread the message of Posi Music. Richard’s experience includes 10 years at Unity Worldwide Ministries as Sacred Music Resource Coordinator, church music consulting, extensive event coordinating, planning, execution of more than 70 retreats at Unity Village, and multiple events for emPower.  
Richard now lives in Virginia Beach where he serves as Music Director at Unity Renaissance in Chesapeake, Virginia, with his wife, Rev. Paula Mekdeci.

Sue Riley is one of the co-founders of Empower Music & Arts. Sue has been the Music Director of Unity Church of Clearwater for the past 22 years and served as the Chair Person for Unity Worldwide’s Music Ministry Team for 11 years. Sue is an award-winning and prolific singer-songwriter who tours the country performing in the PosiPalooza Concerts. Sue believes in the power of music to touch hearts and heal lives, and she loves to share her passion for music through a wide variety of means.

Garland Landrith and Jana Stanfield: This Saturday you are invited to a very special Concert by Jana Lee Stanfield and Dr. Landrith who will show you how to Use body energies and Love as a way to expand your consciousness to enhance the musical experience. By tapping on specific energy points in your body, endorphin's are released giving you an experience of being "High on Life" very similar to a "Runners High." The concert will use your body and heart chakra energies so that you will enjoy music and chants without limits while allowing you to drift into a transcendental experience of a Quantum type of Love Flow.  These Energy techniques will perceptually enhance the music allowing your consciousness to expand so that you will feel connected with the Supreme Presence of Creation. The concert will feature two parts: the first more active, and the second more meditative and flowing. During the first section, we will tap to the beat of the music on specific energy points on our bodies to release endorphins (During this part of the concert, many people also feel moved to dance along with the tapping.)

During the second portion of the concert, we will use Heartmath techniques to create a deep, rhythmic flow to the music and enhance the deep feelings you have in your heart. (Many people feel so moved during this section that tears of joy and eternal bliss come to the surface.) We will also use Chanting as a way to further expand our consciousness. 

All are welcome!!!! This will be an afternoon of enchanted songs and chants, highlighted by the emotional energy of the group consciousness moving into a connection with your heart. Come and enjoy this “first-of-a-kind” musical concert that integrates Tapping/EFT with Love Based Meditation to move you into a “Quantum Flow” giving you an experience of "Heaven on Earth.”

Vernon Howell is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker, and emPower PosiTive Radio news contributor. He was a radio disc jockey who fell in love with writing. He wrote radio commercials and public service announcements and then worked as a freelance writer. During his work as a journalist, Vernon wrote travel and personal profile articles. As a student at Polk Community College, his creative work was chosen by the college’s reader’s theatre for performance.

As a radio broadcaster, Howell has interviewed people from all walks of life, including great artists, politicians, and sports figures. In 2016, he hosted the Grateful Heart series featuring interviews for Posi Radio online with Posi artists and served as a reporter for their TotLe Positive News program.

Vernon also researches, writes and develops PowerPoint shows, and serves as presenter/lecturer for Eckerd College’s OLLI program, Unity Church of Clearwater, and other venues.

David Roth has been leading workshops in songwriting, singing, and performance, for more than two decades and is honored to be a part of the Posi Music Festival once more. Now in his 27th year of full-time music-making, David’s songs have found their way to Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the Kennedy Center, the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary concerts, NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis (his song, “Rocket Science” circled the earth in 2009), the “Rise Up Singing” Songbook, more than 300 New Thought Centers throughout North America, countless coffeehouses, conferences, concert halls, festivals, and 13 CDs on the Wind River and Stockfisch (Germany) labels. The former artist-in-residence at New York’s Omega Institute won his 4th consecutive Posi Award last year (among 10 nominations since we began) and joyfully returns to our gathering from his home on Cape Cod where for the past 8 years he’s hosted the Full Moon Open Mic, providing a forum for local musicians to connect and be heard while at the same time collecting donations for local non-profit organizations. (www.DavidRothMusic.com)

Faith Rivera: If Tony Robbins were a girl, could sing like Mariah, groove like Madonna, and inspire like Oprah — you'd get Faith Rivera, Hawaii-born Singer, Songwriter & an Emmy-winner for Outstanding Original Song on NBC’s Passions. She is most known for her high-energy performances & hip-shakin' music for all ages & faiths. Her original music has been featured on TV shows like Hawaii 5-0 and ER, and with authors/ teachers like Marianne Williamson and Jack Canfield. She has sung with Luther Vandross to Neil Young and wowed audiences from the Hollywood Bowl to the Honolulu Symphony, the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia, to Peace concerts from Tokyo to St. Croix.

Stowe Dailey is a singer-songwriter and best-selling author. She co-wrote the hit song, Long Time Comin’ for the group, Shenandoah. Her album, Angel Chants, was the soundtrack of Angel Stories, featured on T.L.C. She has co-authored five books, including Journey of Light, the story of her own troubled childhood and she is also a volunteer music therapist for Alive Hospice and cancer clinics. Stowe currently tours (with duet partner—Karen Taylor-Good) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest book and CD, Flying High. www.flyinghighbook.com

Karen Taylor Good is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-author with numerous radio hits by Patty Loveless, Laura Branigan, Melissa Manchester, to name a few. Named Songwriter of the Year for the Patty Loveless hit, How Can I Help You Say Goodbye, she’s been the voice behind national jingles for United Airlines, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and she’s recorded with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers. She is currently on tour (with duet partner, Stowe Dailey Shockey) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest CD, Let the Light In. (www.karentaylorgood.com)

When you put these two together, they are StoweGood! Recent presenters of a TEDx talk, Karen and Stowe have shared their musical keynotes, workshops, and concerts across the US, Canada and Ireland.

Claudia Carawan is vibrant, authentic and full of joy. Claudia is an award-winning singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, and performer whose music runs deep. Her voice has been described as “goose-bump inducing” and her original songs feature buoyant melodies fused with feel-good lyrics. In addition to being an award-winning songwriter, Claudia is also an inspiring speaker and teacher who facilitates classes and workshops. At the heart of Claudia’s music and mission as an artist is a belief that music is transformative. Claudia’s authentic and high-energy approach gives her audience a feeling of empowerment, a strong sense of joy and the feeling that anything is possible.

Melinda Wood Allen is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress with more than 27 years experience as a New Thought music director, voice teacher and choral conductor. A versatile performer, she sings professionally and authentically in a variety of genres from classical to folk, country, gospel, jazz, musical theater, and pop.  

Jennifer Ferren has been speaking and performing her original brand of positive, inspirational, from-the-heart philosophies for the past 15 years. She is consistently invited to Spiritual Centers and conferences across the United States, where she gives unique, affirmative, insightful messages that are complemented by her powerful, soul-filled original music. She has released multiple CD projects, including the “Wings of Song Hymnal Accompaniment CD tracks”, which are tools to use with Unity Church® Wings of Song hymnals, as well as five solo Positive Thought CDs, which showcase her creative, eclectic talents as a New Thought and Positive songwriter and performer. She is an award-winning songwriter and a dynamic entertainer.

Rev. Blair Tabor is an ordained Unity Minister of thirty-five years. He is an accomplished speaker, teacher, composer, and musician.  He has used his varied talents to inspire and delight churches, retreats, conferences, and young people all over the country with his speaking and songs.  Currently, he is serving in his twenty-ninth year at Unity San Diego.  He has taught a wide variety of classes at the church, including healing, prosperity, prayer, meditation, goal setting, Bible history, Unity principles, grief recovery, chanting, and listening skills. He serves on the board of the Southwest Region of Unity churches, at the Unity Church of Alhambra Foundation, and the Music Ministry Team for Unity Worldwide Ministries. He is also an advisor to the board of the prison ministry New View, New Life. As a songwriter, he has written over two hundred songs. He has produced several CDs and music books including a CD and book on Spiritual (Sufi) Dancing. He and the church band, The Affirmatives, have a CD of 13 of Blair’s recent songs. A songbook of these songs is available. He plays a variety of instruments and delights in making people smile.

David Ezell is a music publisher, arranger, composer, and director. He is President of Heart Wind Music, an online publisher of New Thought sheet music and distributor of recordings. Heart Wind Music is the host site for Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library. David also serves as chair of UWM's Music Ministry Team. He has experience organizing, directing, and writing for church, school, and community music groups. He enjoys helping everyday people include music performance as a part of their lives and is skilled at writing arrangements that bring out the best in each performer. After growing up as a Christian Scientist, he has been a Unity music director since 1988. A multi-instrumentalist, he has a B. M. E. with Emphasis in Viola Performance, and an M. M. in Composition, specializing in electronic music.

Dr. Landrith whose research has been cited in the critically acclaimed Movie What the Bleep as well as by Deepok Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch, among others, was the first to scientifically prove that our inner thoughts and intentions can actually make the world a better place. In his ground-breaking research, he proved that we could Manifest and reduce negative influences like crime, auto accidents, and even suicides by doing Quantum Tapping and Mediation. He teaches people how to clear out the subconscious doubts so that we get out of the way to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams!

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Last year's emPower Posi Music Festival,  was a jam packed weekend of music, workshops, and fun.  Here's what some of the attendees are saying about the experience.

"Just want to send you a big hug of appreciation for the Posi gathering. It was really amazing. What a thrill to see so many remarkable artists working together to make such meaningful music. We loved it."  (Flossie Ernzen, Licensed Unity Teacher)

"I am SO enriched by the Posi Festival.. thank you so much!"  (Linda Chubbuck, performing artist)

"You organize a really amazing event—I met so many terrific folks whom I can't wait to see again."  (Jeff Brown)

"I feel so blessed to be in this tribe of amazingly gifted, generous, funny, and inspiring people."  (Karen Drucker, Posi artist)