9th Annual Posi Awards Compilation CD

Featuring the 18 finalists for the 9th annual Posi Awards.

1.  "One Face, One Race" by Lisa Bell Listen


2.  "Blessed Unrest" by Zo Tobi Listen


3.  "Love is Unbroken" by JD Martin and Robert Anderson Listen


4.  "Flying on Faith" by Amy Steinberg Listen


5.  "Burning of the Days" by Chris Pfeiffer Listen


6.  "Beautiful Now" by Glen Roethel Listen


7.  "What if We" by Troy Horne Listen


8.  "Together We Can Change the World" by Mark Shepard Listen


9.  "XtraOrdinary" by Darius Lux Listen


10.  "I Know God" by Denise Rosier Listen


11.  "Let the Rain Fall" by John Hegner Listen


12.  "Taking Back My Day" by JD Martin, Jan Garrett, Richard Mekdeci, and Paula Coppel Listen


13.  "That's What Love Is" by Freebo Listen


14.  "Thankful" by Ginger Doss Listen


15.  "Family" by Glen Roethel and Sue Riley Listen


16.  "One Step" by Amy Steinberg Listen


17.  "God is Holding Me Now" by Michael Hatfield Listen


18.  "Put a Little More Love in the World" by Bob Sima Listen