8th Annual emPower Music and Arts Posi Awards CD

Brand new in 2012!
18 Great songs from the finalists of the 8th Annual emPower Posi Awards.  Many of these songs are not available on any other recording.


1.  "SKIN" by LaMont Wheat and Rique Listen

2.  "How You Made Them Feel" by Bob Sima Listen

3.  "The Spaces in Between Us" by Jan Garrett and JD Martin Listen

4.  "Forgiveness" by Austin Marolla and Sloan Wainwright Listen

5.  "Start Now" by Marc Kuchner Listen

6.  "Ripples in the Water"  by Sonia Lee Listen

7.  "The Stones on My Shoes" by Suze Hodge Listen

8.  "Cool Morning" by Sloan Wainwright Listen

9.  "Live in Love" by Sky Nelson Listen

10.  "Empty Hands" by Daniel Nahmod Listen

11.  "Beloved" by Karen Drucker Listen

12.  "I Am the Place Where God Shows Up" by Eddie Watkins Jr Listen

13.  "That Kind of Grace" by David Roth and Annie Hills Listen

14.  "I'm Still Growing Up" by Marc Kuchner Listen

15.  "Center of the Heart"  by Annie Sims, Greg Sims, Jan Garrett Listen

16.  "This Season of Love" by Jack Fowler Listen

17.  "Who Cares Who You Love" by Karen Drucker and Robert Anderson Listen

18.  "No Man's Land" by Kelly Corsino and Harold Payne Listen