6th Annual emPower Music & Arts Posi Award CD

You'll love the great music on the 6th Annual emPower Music & Arts Posi Award Nominees CD.

It's some of the finest Posi Music of 2010!

Track Listing

  • Earth Passport by Scott Stevens (Liquid Blue) Listen
  • All These Atoms by Greg Tamblyn Listen
  • Right Here All Along by 4 Stories High Listen
  • That One by Daniel Nahmod Listen
  • Love All by Yvonne Smith Listen
  • Be the Change by Gina Rene Listen
  • Here I Am by Marcy Baruch Listen
  • True Calling by Jana Stanfield and Jimmy Scott Listen
  • Nine Gold Medals by David Roth Listen
  • If That's Not God Workin' by Karen Taylor Good and Jim Daddario Listen
  • Something Wonderful by Harold Payne Listen
  • No One Gets To Heaven by Tom Kimmel and Klaus Caprani Listen
  • God Is by Faith Rivera Listen
  • Us and Them by Anthony Burbidge Listen
  • Inside (To Find My God) by Daniel Nahmod Listen
  • Daddy's Little Girl by Ellen Bukstel Listen
  • Allowing by Susie Hulcher  Listen
  • The Mantel Song by Roger Tomhave Listen
  • Silver Lining by Gypsy Soul Listen

Download free pdf of lyrics here