11th Annual Posi Awards Compilation CD - Digital Download

The 2016 Compilation CD features many new artists and many previously unreleased songs by some of your favorite Posi artists.  It is a must have for your Posi Music collection.

1.  "Burning Into The High" by Amy Steinberg   Listen

2.  "The End of the World" by JD Martin and Robert Anderson  Listen

3.  "Marks of My Path" by April Meservy Listen

4.  "To the Light" by Freebo and Severin Browne   Listen

5.  "Love Who You Are" by Christie Lenee  Listen

6.  "I Claim a Blessing" by Claudia Carawan   Listen

7.  "The Lucky Ones" by JD Martin and Jan Garrett    Listen

8.  "Writers Block" (The Long-term Positive and Negative Effects of Worry) by Greg Tamblyn   Listen

9.  "I Am Here" by The Levins   Listen

10.  "You Strengthen Me" by Marcy Baruch and Kelly Andrews   Listen

11.  "More Love" by Lezli and Dawn   Listen

12.  "Here I Am (The Survivors Song) by StoweGood   Listen

13.  "Beloved One" by Denise Rosier   Listen

14.  "One More Time" by Jill Colucci   Listen

15.  "Immortal  by Jan Garrett, JD Martin and Marcy Baruch   Listen

16.  "I Am A Gift" by Karen Drucker and Karen Taylor Good   Listen

17.  "Kingdom of Heaven" by StoweGood   Listen

18.  "The Lovings" by Twin Soul Poets    Listen

Artist or Publisher: 
emPower Artists