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Posi Music Festival

Posi Music Week


6 Days of Amazing Events!

For Music Directors, Artists & Fans!


February 10 – 15, 2016

The beautiful Tampa Airport Hilton


The 11th Annual emPower Posi Festival!
February 11 – 15

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the most awesome gathering of Posi Music artists on the planet!

  • Nightly concerts

  • The wildly popular Pajama Jam acoustic music showcases

  • Workshops

  • Song circles

  • Namaste Cafe (share a song)

  • And the 11th Annual emPower Posi Awards


Keynotes & Workshops

We're adding more soon so keep checking back!


Daniel Nahmod: “IT’S TIME: Hearing The Call, Taking The Leap”
In this dynamic and inspiring workshop, Daniel shares stories, songs, questions and concepts to inspire you to take the big chance, to chase the big dream, to take the scary step you’ve been putting off.  What is it time for YOU to do?  We’ll explore the choices we make, the actions we take, and the reasons we don’t… from the powerful thematic perspectives of Daniel’s “Time For Fire,” “Water” and new “Cornerstone” CDs.  This workshop is sure to light a fire, inspire a thought, provoke an action… or simply remind you of a yearning you’ve long forgotten.

David Ault: Understanding My Why: Uncovering the deeper meaning of my life's work

This time with Rev. David will help you design a template for personal exploration regarding your work in the world. As Socrates stated, "The unexamined life isn't worth living." Here we will explore the deeper motivations to our soul's purpose and gain clarity behind why we are doing what what we are doing. Getting clarity on our 'why' helps us in determining what we joyously say yes to and what we can begin to let go of.

It will be an invaluable time of personal exploration.


Anji Kat:  Free Your Voice!

Yoga for Singers, Speakers and anyone who wants to express themselves fully
Topics include:
*Basic Physiology of the Breath and the Voice
*The Four Winds--Exploring Energy Pathways for Self-Expression and Health
*Basic Yoga Stretches and Postures to Open the Body
*Breathwork and Yoga Techniques for Freeing Your Voice

Penny Nichols: Harmony Singing
Have you ever wanted to learn to sing in harmony better, how to do it and where it is appropriate in a song?  You will have a chance to experience for yourself  the fun and unique qualities of singing in harmony and how to begin to master the skills needed to sing in harmony well.  Both individually and as a group, we will work on listening techniques, how to recognize chordal relationships, pitch problems and how harmony fits into a melodic landscape.  Join us for a fun and empowering experience!

Melinda Wood Allen:  From Ho-Hum to Hallelujah!!! 
How to take your Music Department to the next level
Is your music department stuck, troubled, or stagnant?
Want to start a band/choir/ensemble from scratch?
Add variety without sacrificing quality??
Create commitment and loyalty?
Avoid/heal drama and personality clashes?
Got a small group you want to grow?
A good choir you want to make great?
Being a great music director is 20% musicianship and 80% leadership.
We’ll discuss practical ways to begin, grow, deepen, expand the good, contract the not-so-good, have fun, and create a dynamic music ministry that’s a vital part of your church!

Eddie Watkins:  I Sing My Prayers 
Eddie will lead you in creating a musical setting to your daily affirmation.
Melinda Wood Allen:  Posi Power Singers! 
Singing in a group is like no other form of music-making.  As a whole we become greater than the sum of our parts, demonstrating true oneness and creating a unique kind of magic while having fun, fun, fun!!
In just 3 rehearsals, we will come together, find our blend, acquire  effective conducting techniques, and learn and polish beautiful, inspiring choral music to perform at the opening of the POSI AWARDS (!)—sharing the stage with some of the best positive music makers of our time.  Come join us!

David Ezell: Instrumental Ensemble
Instrumentalists are invited to join together with other musicians in small ensembles. Ensembles who are well-prepared will be invited to perform for the afternoon banquet on Sunday. For those who preregister for this activity by January 8 we will recommend an ensemble group for each participant to join and suggest or arrange appropriate music. Facilitated by David Ezell. For comments and questions send email to

This workshop will cover music copyright issues commonly encountered by churches, including projecting lyrics onscreen, printing lyrics in bulletins, photocopying music, recording church services, podcasting, live streaming, etc. The session will include Q & A and will also address copyright questions for songwriters and performers.
Todd Lowry is a licensed (non-practicing) attorney who was the Director of Business and Legal Affairs for music publishing giant Hal Leonard Corporation for many years.

Many New Thought/Posi songs are printed only in lead sheet/fakebook format (i.e. melody, lyrics and chord symbols only). This workshop is designed to help keyboardists create full-sounding arrangements from lead sheets. Topics include: interpreting chord symbols, incorporating various accompaniment styles, how to embellish the melody, intros and endings, etc. We will use well-known songs from the songbook “101 Inspiring Songs—The Ultimate New Thought Fakebook” as musical examples.

Reverend Blair Tabor: Minister & Music Director Communication Panel  
When ministers and music directors (musicians) plan ahead and communicate and collaborate, powerfully uplifting programs results.  Let’s talk and go beyond complaining to creating.

Reverend Blair Tabor: Spiritual Dancing
Based on dances from the Sufi and other traditions, Blair Tabor will lead these dances and provide information on how to incorporate the dances into celebrations.  The dances create an easy, fun way to have a spiritual experience with song and movement.

Ed Trout: The Way of PEACE-ful Improviser
The fundamental concepts that I focus on are: Present-mindedness, Everyone matters, Acceptance, Commitment, Enjoyment/ Enthusiasm. And yes, the accompanying acronym is PEACE. 
The approach is fun and non-threatening. Failure is even encouraged as a path to growth and understanding. And every individual is supported in their efforts.

Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett: Self Mastery through Higher Creativity
This workshop uses practical techniques to break the blocks of habitual thinking. 
Awakening to our Creative genius.
Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett: Artist and CEO Workshop
With Lisa’s psychology background along with Executive Coaching Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Peak Performance, Wellness and Spiritual Intelligence she created a class for creatives.  It focuses on skills for balancing Body Mind Spirit and Creative functioning for success.

StoweGood  “Discover Your Unopened Gifts” workshop!
StoweGood facilitates this exciting 90 minute “playshop” filled with music, healing laughter and tears.  Explore what’s holding you back.  Discover your hidden treasures.  And, dare to live the life you’ve imagined!

David Roth: Songs of Love
Join David in the co-creation of a custom-made song for a sick child through the Songs of Love Foundation. Lively discussion about songwriting, co-writing, and collaboration will be followed by working together to fashion a one-of-a-kind song that will be provided to a family absolutely free of charge. After the conference David will send you the finished recording that will be provided to the family.

Richard Mekdeci:What’s a New Thought Song
Correct language in our music is as important as it is in our sermons. In order to define our unique theology, our music should reflect the sometimes subtle nuances that make a song “New Thought”. We will discuss what New Thought is, and compare some of our most commonly used songs to the We will discuss what New Thought is, and compare some of our most commonly used songs to the criteria we created. Participants are invited to bring their own songs to examine or suggest songs for comparison.

Tom Kimmel: Stars and Wishes Song Support
Speaking personally, I once avoided song critiquing sessions because I found they were often dispiriting. Thankfully a teacher taught me an empowering system of feedback called “Stars & Wishes.” All writers and aspiring writers are welcome. Bring your songs, pen, paper and a recorder. Open to everyone.

David Ezell:Creating Sheet Music with Sibelius
Basic and advanced skills in using Sibelius notation software. We will demonstrate how to produce the results you would like, in an efficient, effective way. Setting up scores, entering notes, lyrics, chord symbols, expression marks, spacing and layout, extracting lead sheets, playback, and other topics as requested by participants. Plenty of Q and A.

Tom Kimmel:Beginning GarageBand for iPad and iPhone
Of all the amazing tools that iPhone and iPad now offer, none is more useful to the songwriter and musician than GarageBand. This little $5 app has evolved into a powerful, pro audio quality, easy to learn multitrack recording plat¬form. In fact, a favorite GarageBand track can even be exported to a professional application (like Apple’s Logic). In this short workshop we will have a blast building a song or two together. If you have an iPad or iPhone with current iOS and up to date version of GarageBand, bring it to class and you can build a track on your own device as we go along. Open to everyone.

Claudia Carawan: Creative, Dynamic Music Ministry

Your music program is the heart of your spiritual community.   In this workshop Claudia will facilitate brainstorming and open discussion on a variety of topics to enhance your music ministry.  Topics included will be... Songleading, Great Music on a Tight Budget, Building a Band, Creating Awesome Musical Moments, Amping up the Fun Factor, Relationships with your Minister and Music Team and any other topic that might come up!  

Claudia Carawan:  Beautiful Impact

Through storytelling and heartfelt music Claudia shares random stories of beautiful impact-  remarkable every day miracles.  This workshop opens our awareness to the many mentors and teachers that have impacted us throughout our lives.  It also opens our awareness to the beautiful impact we are making in our world.

Jennifer Ferren: Spectacular

Come one, come all to the greatest show of self-exploration on earth! Through music, creative activities and group play we learn how to unlock our powerful, unique, individual MOJO. Now is the time to step right up, leave your inhibitions at the door and let your inner Spectacular take center stage. Marianne Williamson says, "Playing small does not serve the world... As we learn to let our own light shine,we indirectly give others permission to do the same."


David Ault is highly regarded as one of the finest visionary vocalists and motivational speakers within the New Thought/transformational movement.His focus on remembering the Divine within and reclaiming that connection has empowered hundreds of thousands on their spiritual journey. The union of David’s charismatic message and heartfelt singing has elevated him to guest speaker of choice in many nationwide churches and global organizations.
As an ordained minister and practitioner through Religious Science International, as well as author, songwriter/recording artist, David has traveled and shared his gifts for well over twenty years. Working closely with notables Louise Hay and Marianne Williamson and sharing the stage with many cherished mentors ranging from the late Og Mandino to Dr. Barbara King, Jerald Jampolsky, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Father Leo Booth and Mary Manin-Morrisey, David harvested that experience and developed his own unique style of teaching. His compassionate presence, warmth and humor continue to be an unforgettable guidepost for audiences as they rediscover and reawaken to their personal magnificence.David has founded the first ever Non-government regulated school in Cambodia and is dedicated to helping the children and their families realize a better way of life through education and basic necessities, such as fresh water.

Nathen Aswell believes that his calling in this life is to inspire and heal through his heart-centered music making. His debut CD Little By Little is a powerful realization of this calling, fully intertwining his two passions of music and spirituality and joyously reminding us that LOVE is all there is, and that we are all ONE. Nathen honours his calling by performing at faith-based Conferences, Church Services, Kirtans (devotional chanting events) and House Concerts in both Canada and the United States, presenting his “conscious pop” music with his voice and the NS Stick – an 8-stringed electronic instrument that can be plucked like a bass, strummed like a guitar, or tapped with both hands like a piano.
Nathen is a proud supporter of Seva Canada, whose mission is to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world. (Nathen donates 10% of all performance fees, and $1 from every CD and DVD sale, to Seva Canada. (

Stowe Dailey is a singer-songwriter and best-selling author. She co-wrote the hit song, Long Time Comin’ for the group, Shenandoah. Her album, Angel Chants, was the sound track of Angel Stories, featured on T.L.C.  She has co-authored five books, including Journey of Light, the story of her own troubled childhood and she is also a volunteer music therapist for Alive Hospice and cancer clinics. Stowe currently tours (with duet partner—Karen Taylor-Good) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest book and CD, Flying High.

Karen Drucker has recorded 11 CDs of her original inspirational music and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work for performing and producing shows for organizations in need. Karen has been called a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music. She has been a professional comedienne, and has been the spokesperson for “Bread and Roses” (performing in convalescent hospitals, prisons, children’s hospitals, etc.). She started her own organization, “Artists For A Cause,” to raise awareness and funds for organizations in need by producing concerts featuring local entertainers. She sings, speaks and leads workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body & health conferences and various churches around the country. She also performs music for ministers, workshop facilitators, and authors including Joan Borysenko, SARK, Alan Cohen, Mary Manin Morrissey and many others. Her passion is making music, making a difference, and touching hearts.  (

David Roth has been leading workshops on songwriting, singing, and performance for more than two decades and is honored to be a part of the Posi Music Festival once more.  Now in his 27th year of full-time music-making, David’s songs have found their way to Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the Kennedy Center, the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary concerts, NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis (his song, “Rocket Science” circled the earth in 2009), the “Rise Up Singing” Songbook, more than 300 New Thought Centers throughout North America, countless coffeehouses, conferences, concert halls, festivals, and 13 CDs on the Wind River and Stockfisch (Germany) labels. The former artist-in-residence at New York’s Omega Institute won his 4th consecutive Posi Award last year (among 10 nominations since we began) and joyfully returns to our gathering from his home on Cape Cod where for the past 8 years he’s hosted the Full Moon Open Mic, providing a forum for local musicians to connect and be heard while at the same time collecting donations for local non-profit organizations. (

Karen Taylor Good is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-author with numerous radio hits by Patty Loveless, Laura Branigan, Melissa Manchester, to name a few. Named Songwriter of the Year for the Patty Loveless hit, How Can I Help You Say Good-bye, she’s been the voice behind national jingles for United Airlines, Taco Bell, McDonalds and she’s recorded with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers. She is currently on tour (with duet partner—Stowe Dailey Shockey) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest CD, Let the Light In.  (

Jana Stanfield’s compositions have sold over 5 million CDs worldwide, earning her gold and platinum albums.  You’ve heard her music on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, and the movie 8 Seconds, recorded by Reba McEntire and others.   A multiple Posi Award Winning Artist, and winner of the Grace Note Award for  spreading Positive Music throughout the world, Jana has shared stages with performers ranging from musicians like Kenny Loggins and The Dixie Chicks, to speakers like Deepak Chopra and Lily Tomlin. Through her Keynote Concerts, Inc., Jana performs at events like TEDx India, TEDxNASA, and she leads volun-tour trips around the world.

Penny Nichols: A long shining star in the folk music firmament, Penny has been a professional singer/songwriter, studio singer and vocal arranger, and vocal and harmony teacher in a career that has bridged the decades from opening shows at the Avalon and Fillmore in San Francisco in the Sixties for the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller Band, the Byrds and others to being one of the first Choral Reeferettes in the Jimmy Buffett band, being nominated for Grammy's in the 80's for background singing and vocal arranging and much more.  She got her doctorate in 1991 from Harvard University in the field of education, specializing in pitch perception research and is the founding director of SummerSongs, Inc.; a non-profit organization for songwriters which put's on 4 camps every year for adults who want to learn how to be better songwriters and musicians.  You can find out more about Penny at and more about SummerSongs at


Last year's emPower Posi Music Festival,  was a jam packed weekend of music, workshops, and fun.  Here's what some of the attendees are saying about the experience.

"Just want to send you a big hug of appreciation for the Posi gathering. It was really amazing. What a thrill to see so many remarkable artists working together to make such meaningful music. We loved it."  (Flossie Ernzen, Licensed Unity Teacher)

"I am SO enriched by the Posi Festival.. thank you so much!"  (Linda Chubbuck, performing artist)

"You organize a really amazing event—I met so many terrific folks whom I can't wait to see again."  (Jeff Brown)

"I feel so blessed to be in this tribe of amazingly gifted, generous, funny, and inspiring people."  (Karen Drucker, Posi artist)


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