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Posi Music Festival

Make plans to be part of the energy and fun of the 9th Annual emPower Posi Festival!
Jan 17-20, 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

The festival starts at 3:00 PM on Friday Jan 17 and ends Monday Jan 20 at 11:00 AM
See the Daily Schedule Here (subject to change)

Pre-event - Totally Cool Song School is Jan 16-17, 2014
Contact Sue Riley to Register for the School
Song School Schedule

GIve yourself the gift of creativity, and song.

 In addition to 2 concerts, song circles, jams, mentoring, the Posi awards, a great silent auction, Open Mics, Posi yoga, and our signature "Pajama Jams", take an advance look at some of workshops we have planned so far!  The Saturday workshops include:

Daniel Nahmod - Be Like Water:  Finding peace of mind in turbulent times.
2 sessions
In this two-part workshop centered around the award-winning songs of his CD "Water," Daniel Nahmod presents music and discussion, readings and provocative questions, originating from his 3-month sabbatical in the Red Rock country of southeastern Utah.  We'll consider our dreams and desires, our worries and our work, our families and our legacies, in a deeper context of the passing of time, and of the mysterious perfection of our world and universe.  We'll explore the capacity we all share to listen deeply and follow our true calling, like water itself does -- without pressure, without pride, without grudges and regrets, and most of all without struggle or fight.  It's a profoundly comforting paradigm, truly a new spiritual lens which offers an entirely different way of looking at Life itself... and our place in it.

David Roth - Let Your Star Shine: A performance workshop
In this safe, fun, playful, and powerful session join David on a journey into the "express business" as we embrace our excitement and share our joy

Robert Finnigan CFP - Financial Literacy for the Successful Business Owner:
Musicians frequently believe they have to give up financial security to have a creative life. This is simply not true! Come explore these simple tips from long time financial planner Robert Finnigan to discover that you can be financially secure AND be a full-time professional musician. Robert is a dedicated truth student and uses those principles in his everyday life.

Jami Lula - Let Your Soul Sing!: A Vocal Workshop

Let Your Soul Song Sing!   Everybody is born with a song of Spirit within.  Everybody has a Spirit song that wants to be sung.  “SOUL” singing has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, creed, or musical genre.“SOUL” is about authentically expressing whatever it is that your heart wants to express.“SOUL” singing is where Spirit desires to express as your song of life

In this workshop we will SING!  We will seek out our own “SOUL” song!  We will allow ourselves to be moved by the music of “our SOUL” !  This is a workshop open to singers and *non-singers (*people that don’t consider themselves singers) I make no promises to assist you to sound like anybody but exactly who You are here to BE. This Workshop is available for Everybody.  Please Dress comfortably. Wear sweats or loose clothing to move in. Please bring water

Armand and Angelina - Native American Flute Playshop

Are you ready to learn to play the Native American Flute? For Centuries,
people have been mesmerized by the hypnotic sounds from these gentle
This playshop will begin with a Native Flute smudging. Then we will all
learn how simple this instrument is to master. All the notes are in tune
with themselves so even those with no musical ability, can play lovely
We will have several practice flutes for those that want to try for
themselves. We will also have flutes to purchase for those interested,
along with detailed instruction books.

Pam Lontos - Learn the Insider's Secrets to Take Your Music Career to the Next Level

In today's tough economic times, musicians are losing business daily simply because they don't know how to sell and market themselves. Pam Lontos will show you how to stand out from other musicians and sell yourself to get the high-paying gigs. Learn such things as what questions to ask and what phrases to avoid, how to break out of a niche market and spread your music far and wide, when and how to ask for the booking, how to get and use great testimonials, and how to write marketing material that get results.

Karen Taylor-Good and Stowe Dailey Shockey - "How Adored You Are?"

A healing, tear-inducing, laugh-filled workshop, lovingly created just for....and all about....YOU!

Join Karen Taylor Good and Stowe Dailey Shockey for a song-inspired, heart-opening workshop.  Relax, laugh, and let your guard down with these two award-winning songwriter/authors.  Using powerful, energizing, life-changing tools for growth, Karen & Stowe will lovingly lead you on a journey to see the beautiful child of God that you are--remind you of your magnificence--and assist you to be who you were born to be!

Posi Coffee House (open mic)  hosted by Jana Stanfield and others

Sunday morning “Faith Lift”with Sue, Richard, & Guests
An all music Celebration Service!

"Heart Sing" with Nathen Aswell     Let’s celebrate the weekend that we’ve spent together by singing simple, inspirational, heart opening music, and go back to our communities feeling grounded, centered and re-energized!

Pre-Event ~ 3rd Annual "Totally Cool Song School!"

Our "Totally Cool Song School" is in it's 3rd year.   Included in the price of $249 are 4 meals with teachers, 4 classes, a 20 minute mentoring session, and a critique song circle.  Classes are limited in size and fill up early.  The first session class is two parts (Thursday and Friday you a chance to delve deeper into the process)

Sloan Wainwright: SINGING WITH YOUR HEART, SOUL, AND BODY (2 days)
“Vocal Immersion” 2 day class (limited to 15 students)  Students commit to being part of both days, although they can also participate in the mentoring sessions and the evening song circles.

Inside each of us lives a beautiful and unique instrument, so let's sing together with joy and freedom!  In this workshop we will move our bodies, soften our hearts, open our mouths and let our voices out to play.  With an emphasis on vocal health and self-care, we’ll use a combination of vocal warm-ups and work-outs - traditional and non-traditional - to help relax, release and strengthen the voice, making it more flexible and reliable.  This immersion will allow us to come together with plenty of time to create a safe and supportive environment for reflection, growth and joy in our perfect expression. Everyone will have a chance to sing their heart out!  Individual attention is offered as well as to the group as a whole, and each student will be supported in developing their own personal vocal practice.  This class is for singers AND non-singers alike.

David Roth:  WRITING A CHORUS THAT SOARS (Part 1 & Part 2)
When any given song HAS a chorus, what are some of the characteristics?  We know that it will be repeated a few times, so we recognize a few of these traits: It may be sing-able, memorable, catchy, sometimes it has the title of the song in it, but most importantly it reinforces the THEME of the song…the heart and soul of what the composer is trying to express.  On Day One we’ll listen to some great examples, engage in brief discussion, look for our own individual inspiration, create our OWN choruses, and launch into wrapping the rest of the song around it.  Day Two?  We’ll hear some of these first drafts (or finished pieces?) and lay out roadmaps for the "what's next" of our new anthems.

Jana Stanfield’s 2-Day KISS Workshop:
The goal of Jana’s KISS Method Workshops is to help you write songs that become Ear Worms people can’t get out of their heads.  Jana’s songs have sold millions of copies, have been used on radio, television, and movies, and have won many Posi Awards.  You can walk out of this two-day session with a new Ear Worm Song you love, that you’re proud to perform, and that expresses who you are as a songwriter, whether that’s something funny, vulnerable, insightful, or loveably quirky.
Day 1:  Writing Your Ear Worm Chorus
We are going to Keep It Simple, Sweetie, on Day 1, by focusing all our attention on Jana’s Essential Elements of Ear Worm Choruses. You may write one or more Ear Worm Choruses on the first day. Your Ear Worm Chorus can serve many purposes, including:

  • Creating enjoyment for your listeners
  • Helping people want to sing along
  • Making your songs unforgettable
  • Winning awards, attention, accolades
  • Getting movie or TV placements, and sales of your songs.

Day 2:  Setting Up Your Ear Worm Chorus with 2 Very Good Verses and a High Dive Bridge
After learning Jana’s Ear Worm Essential Ear Worm Elements on Day 1, we will apply some of these techniques to writing Very Good Verses and High Dive Bridges. We will “workshop” each song, using collaborative wisdom to make your song the best it can be.  Whether you want to walk away with a new Killer Ear Worm Chorus, or a Killer Ear Worm Song, you’ll have the help of a multi-platinum selling songwriter who wants to make your next song your best song.

Cosy Sheridan: “Using the Wisdom of Mythology in Songwriting” (Part 1 and 2)
“Mythology is the bridge between the spiritual and the psychological worlds.  How can we tap into our own mythological realm and use it in our songwriting?  How can we use those timeless themes to deepen our songs?  Is Athena weaving through our life’s journey or are we Orpheus searching through the underworld for love?  Or, maybe we are Hector of Troy fighting a losing battle for a just cause.  In this workshop we will look for the myth(s) that informs our own life:  using guided meditation and creative process we will each look for a mythic theme that runs through our life and begin writing a song that comes from that timeless place.  We will be creating our personalized Posi song using timeless wisdom.”

Harold Payne:  Writing in the Universal Positive. (Part 1 and 2)
We all know those anthemic positive or inspirational songs that speak to everyone. From “Lean on Me” & “I Can See Clearly” to “Don’t worry be Happy” to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” & Will I Am’s “I Gotta Feelin”, you can’t help but be lifted up when you hear them. We’ll work on writing feel good or spiritually uplifting songs without using overly “jargonic” or overly preachy messages—songs that work in just about any setting.

Tom Kimmel: Songs in the Key of life (Part 1 & 2)
In the world of positive music we want our songs to resonate with our listeners and make a positive contribution to the world. The challenge is to bring our intellect in service to our inspiration without over-thinking the whole thing. In other words, while we hope our listeners don't miss our point, we also need to allow room for them to have their own experience--to have their own "a-ha's"!
In this 2 day workshop we'll work with that precarious balance between inspiration and perspiration as we examine with tools and touchstones that empower us to write and communicate more effectively.  

You've got a great idea.  You don't have any idea.  You sit down with another creator and share and inquire and stimulate and surrender and the next thing you know, you have the foundation of a new song that neither one of you might have come up with in just such a way.  This is the beauty of working together, and in this short time together we will launch one another into new territory by pairing off, brainstorming, checking in, slowing down for the speed bumps and stepping on the gas where the road appears smooth.  You may have heard me say "never be in a hurry to finish a song" so be reminded that this isn't a race.  Our goal will be to commit to the process and put some follow-up in place for you and your partner to explore co-writing together.

Jana Stanfield’s KISS Method Secrets of Ear Worm Songs  (that Sell.)
Calling all poets, songwriters, writers, and singers! If you want to write songs that win awards (Posi Awards anyone???) or sell a million copies, or just get people to request them at your shows, the key is in creating “ear-worms.” In this fast-paced, fun, workshop, you will learn:
•    Jana’s KISS Method of Songwriting
•    Jana’s Essential Ear-Worm Elements
•    The 2 Most Popular Song Formulas, which you can use again and again to create songs that people enjoy, remember, and want to you to repeat.  
Songs that win awards, earn accolades, and sell millions of copies are written from the two formulas that you’ll learn in this class.

Cosy Sheridan:  "The Folk Song Machine  - some assembly required
“In this workshop we will each write our own version of a traditional folk song.  The song forms of traditional music are both powerful and accessible, and can easily be used for sing-a-longs and spiritual songs. Using a traditional template, we will strip our story down to the bare bones and wrap our verses around our song's central theme like a leaves of a vine that climb up and up and up."

Tom Kimmel:  Songbuilding Essentials
Inspiration for a song often bursts forth, and we writers scramble to provide a form for it, word by word and note by note. Sometimes the work goes quickly, sometimes we need to step back a time or two and return with a fresh outlook. The fact is, the better we work with form and craft, the more satisfied we are with our songs.
In this workshop we explore the craft of writing from the ground up: the essentials all of us work with song-by-song.

Harold Payne: Preparing for spontaneity
How to use improvisational and other right brain techniques to
To help you dive in and “jumpstart” new songs or to put your songs in the moment by incorporating “recap improv”.  Learn how to set the table for “happy accidents”, harvest random ideas and turn deadlines into “benign precariousness”.

Mentoring Sessions are randomly drawn...Mentors include:  Jana Stanfield, David Roth, JD Martin, Harold Payne, Tom Kimmel, Faith Rivera, Cosy Sheridan, Karen Drucker, Freebo, Robert Anderson

Song School Critique Circles:
JD Martin, Freebo, Karen Drucker, David Roth, Karen Taylor-Good and Stowe Dailey Shockey, Tom Kimmel

Presenter Bios:

Cosy Sheridan has been called “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful singer-songwriters.”  She first caught the attention of national folk audiences in 1992 when she won both the Kerrville Folk Festival's NewFolk Award and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest, then released her critically-acclaimed debut CD Quietly Led on Waterbug Records.
She has released nine CDs, her music is featured in the Robert Fulghum multi-media novel The Third Wish and she tours consistently throughout the US. Her concerts are wide-ranging explorations of modern mythology (meet Hades the Biker), love songs for adults, contemporary philosophy for the thoughtfully-minded and her signature parody on aging and women. Throughout this journey, her lyrical dexterity is backed by her distinctive, percussive bluesy-gospel guitar style.  A guitar student of instrumental luminaries such as Guy Van Duser and Eric Schoenberg and a voice student at The Berklee School of Music,

David Roth has been leading workshops on songwriting, singing, and performance for more that two decades and is honored to join us once more.  Now in his 27th year of full-time music-making, David's songs have found their way to Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the Kennedy Center, the Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul, & Mary concerts, NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis (his song, "Rocket Science" circled the earth in 2009), the "Rise Up Singing" Songbook, more than 300 New Thought Centers throughout North America, countless coffeehouses, conferences, concert halls, festivals, and 13 CDs on the Wind River and Stockfisch (Germany) labels. The former artist-in-residence at New York's Omega Institute won his 4th consecutive Posi Award last year (among 10 nominations since we began) and joyfully returns to our gathering from his home on Cape Cod where for the past 8 years he's hosted the Full Moon Open Mic, providing a forum for local musicians to connect and be heard while at the same time collecting donations for local non-profit organizations.

Sloan Wainwright is a singer and a songwriter of rare power and subtlety, serving up doses of the real and the mysterious in a soaring, soulful contralto that sends critics scrambling for metaphors equal to the thrill: “the aural equivalent of smoky, tantalizing aromas emanating from a soul kitchen;” “[her] thick as molasses voice gets under your skin in all the right ways;” a powerful, earth-mother voice that she pours into unexpectedly sensitive blends of folk, jazz, blues and funk.” Singing with the extended McGarrigle-Wainwright family, Sloan has rocked the house at Carnegie Hall, London’s Royal Albert Hall, and has released seven memorable records since her self-titled debut in 1994. She brings the same energy to her work as a solo artist, melding the best of pop, folk, jazz, and blues to create a unique, soulful hybrid. Sloan has been playing clubs, concerts and festivals coast to coast for two decades, triggering tears, hoots and hollers with deeply personal lyrics that connect life’s mysterious dots. A born storyteller and poet, Sloan started writing songs when she was 10. “Sitting at the piano and making up songs was my playground— a very safe place, magical and mystical. I surprised myself with what was in my head and how it all fit together.” For the last 16 years, she has been sharing that process with students, spreading the gospel of personal expression and lyrical reinvention. Sloan’s open-hearted approach to singing, songwriting and letting loose has made her a treasured presence at a host of prestigious workshops, including The Swannanoa Gathering, Summersongs, Wintersongs, Moab Folk Camp and Richard Thompson’s Frets and Refrains.

Jana Stanfield’s compositions have sold over 5 million CDs worldwide, earning her gold and platinum albums.  You’ve heard her music on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, and the movie 8 Seconds, recorded by Reba McEntire and others.  
A multiple Posi Award Winning Artist, and winner of the Grace Note Award for ?? (how do you define that, Sue?), Jana has shared stages with performers ranging from musicians like Kenny Loggins and The Dixie Chicks, to speakers like Deepak Chopra and Lily Tomlin.
Through her Keynote Concerts, Inc., Jana performs at events like TEDx India, TEDxNASA, and she leads volun-tour trips around the world.

Tom Kimmel
Tom Kimmel is one of those unique singer-songwriters whose heartfelt artistry with words and music is both genre-crossing and timeless. Since 1980, when his songs were recorded by Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman (of Byrds fame) and Levon Helm (of The Band), dozens of his compositions have been covered by a host of major artists including Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Shawn Colvin, Waylon Jennings, the Stray Cats, Randy Travis and the Spinners. Tom’s unique ability to write songs that connect stems from his lifelong career as a touring performer

Harold Payne    Performing songwriter Harold Payne has over100 recordings by acts as diverse as Patti LaBelle, Rod Stewart & long time collaborator, Bobby Womack, and literally from Peter Paul & Mary to Snoop Dogg. He has played just about every imaginable venue - -from amphitheaters to community theaters, festivals to churches; from the Houses of Blues to house concerts, from corporate events to private parties. Along the way, he has developed his own style of audience interaction, which usually includes his notorious song improvisations. He has also opened for the likes of Van Morrison, Kenny Loggins, Collin Raye, Pam Tillis & Hawaiian legend "Iz" (Israel Kamakawiwo`ole).
He is a soulful and charismatic performer who also uses his songwriting superpowers for good~ writing songs of peace, unity, and spiritual social action.
Harold is a 4-time Posi Award Nominee and won his first Posi in 2009 with the powerful song “Stand Together” co-written with Faith Rivera

JD Martin
JD has been a professional songwriter for over 20 years, writing for artists such as Reba McEntire, Terri Clark, Jennifer Paige, Peter Cetera and B.J. Thomas.  JD Martin is an award winning songwriter of 5 Number One and 10 Top Ten hit singles, along with multiple empower Posi Awards.    

Karen Drucker
Karen Drucker has recorded 11 CDs of her original inspirational music and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work for performing and producing shows for organizations in need. Karen has been called a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music. She has been a professional comedienne, led her own band for corporate events, and has been the spokesperson for “Bread and Roses” (performing in
convalescent hospitals, prisons, children’s hospitals, etc.). She started her own organization, “Artists ForA Cause,” to raise awareness and funds for organizations in need by producing concerts featuring local entertainers.
She sings, speaks and leads workshops at women's retreats, mind-body & health conferences and various churches around the country. She also performs music for ministers, workshop facilitators, and authors including Joan Borysenko, SARK,Alan Cohen, Mary Manin Morrissey and many others.
She loves making music, making a difference, and touching hearts.

FREEBO is an award-winning singer/songwriter (2008 Posi Award for “Best Song” in The Most Uniting Category, The '07 Los Angeles Music Awards “Best Folk Artist”, Winner '07 South Florida Songwriting Contest, finalist in 2009 The Great American Songwriting Contest, Finalist in 5 different categories of JPF Awards), but he is probably best known as a Folk-Rock-Blues Icon. For 30 years, Freebo played bass on recordings and toured with some of the great artists of our time--people like Bonnie Raitt (10 years), John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, CSN, Maria Muldaur, Ringo Starr, Michelle Shocked, Neil Young, Loudon Wainwright III, Dr. John, and many others. He has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, Midnight Special, Muppets Tonight, and in concert with the legendary Spinal Tap. It was his yearning for more creative expression, however, that drove Freebo to begin a process of deep inner discovery, and this has led to his successful transition as a singer/songwriter.

Jami Lula is an award winning singer, songwriter, performing artist, recording artist, and teacher. Jami has been traveling the world, over the past 18 years singing songs of high inspiration both as a solo artist and with his band “Spirit in the House”.  His contribution as a featured soloist with the choir group TAG (of the Agape International Spiritual Center) serves as an extension of Jami’s commitment to inspiration through music. Jami also sang with the Agape Love Ensemble on NBC’s “the Winner Is” (by the Producers of the Voice)  Jami was honored as a nominee for a  Posipalooza award, for his song “There’s a Healin Goin On”,  at the emPower Music and Arts festival in Orlando Florida in January 2010. He is a member of emPower Music which is a group of songwriters and artists committed to changing the world one song at a time. Jami is a big youth advocate having been musical inspiration for UCSL National and International teen camps since 1998. He is the recipient of the 2009 Youth Champion award given by United Centers for Spiritual Living @ their annual Gathering in 2009. Jami served as Music Director for UCSL Asilomar Conference in 2008-09. He was deeply honored to be of service through his music, and all the amazing effort of the extraordinary team that is the Asilomar 2008-2009 Music Teams. In 1987, Detroit native Jami Lula moved to Los Angeles and attended Musicians Institute (MI) in Southern California. By the spring of 1989, Jami joined the staff of MI where he taught voice, songwriting, stage movement, creativity workshops and performance for 24 years.  In 2009 Jami  released his 4th record “There’s a Healin Goin On”  on Circle Up Records.  Jami just completed his 5th solo record “Naked on “Spirit in the House Productions” it is an album of acoustic soul. Naked because it is acoustic guitar and voice live in studio. vulnerable, soulful and soul filled expression of love, loss, and revelation. He devotes his life to singing and writing uplifting, healing, heart opening, and Inspiring music that spreads a powerful message of love and positive intention.

Stowe Dailey Shockey is a singer-songwriter and best-selling author. She co-wrote the hit song, Long Time Comin’ for the group, Shenandoah. Her album, Angel Chants, was the sound track of Angel Stories, featured on T.L.C.  She has co-authored five books, including Journey of Light, the story of her own troubled childhood and she is also a volunteer music therapist for Alive Hospice and cancer clinics. Stowe currently tours (with duet partner—Karen Taylor-Good) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest book and CD, Flying

Karen Taylor Good is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-author with numerous radio hits by Patty Loveless, Laura Branigan, Melissa Manchester, to name a few. Named Songwriter of the Year for the Patty Loveless hit, How Can I Help You Say Good-bye, she’s been the voice behind national jingles for United Airlines, Taco Bell, McDonalds and she’s recorded with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers. She is currently on tour (with duet partner—Stowe Dailey Shockey) doing concerts, musical keynotes, workshops, and promoting her latest CD, Let the Light In.



Last year's emPower Posi Music Festival,  was a jam packed weekend of music, workshops, and fun.  Here's what some of the attendees are saying about the experience.

"Just want to send you a big hug of appreciation for the Posi gathering. It was really amazing. What a thrill to see so many remarkable artists working together to make such meaningful music. We loved it."  (Flossie Ernzen, Licensed Unity Teacher)

"I am SO enriched by the Posi Festival.. thank you so much!"  (Linda Chubbuck, performing artist)

"You organize a really amazing event—I met so many terrific folks whom I can't wait to see again."  (Jeff Brown)

"I feel so blessed to be in this tribe of amazingly gifted, generous, funny, and inspiring people."  (Karen Drucker, Posi artist)


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